I’ve been a Republican all my life. I’ve never voted for a Democrat for president, but this year I will.

This nation and the Republican Party cannot survive four more years of Donald Trump. Trump has transformed the Republican Party into an obscene caricature of itself that Lincoln, Eisenhower and Reagan would not recognize. Trump’s 18,000 lies have been an assault on the very concept of truth. His gutting of experts in all departments of government only to replace them with unqualified but loyal yes-men has placed the nation in the hands of incompetent sycophants. Trump’s disrespect and insults for all of our former allies and his cozying up to the strongman dictators of the world like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un has not made America First, but America Alone. His subversion of the U.S. Constitution and blatant disregard for time-proven norms of American government have put America in peril of becoming a virtual monarchy under King Donald.

Come November, I will be voting for Joe Biden. I believe that Biden will bring integrity and dignity back to the office of president. No more childish name-calling. No more midnight Twitter rants. No more daily preening and boasting. No more craving for everyone’s constant attention and adulation. No more daily chaos in government.

The Republican Party is so completely subjugated to Donald Trump that it cannot save itself. Only a return to civility, cooperation and steady leadership can rebalance the American political system and restore America’s place in the world. Biden is the only candidate on this year’s ballot who can do that. That’s why I’m voting for a Democrat for president for the first time in my life.

Truth matters. Character counts. Country over party.

Larry Caillouet

Bowling Green


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The Lincoln Project approves this message.

Also... I'm not going to name, names, but there's someone commenting below who obviously doesn't understand how our Democracy works, and in his case this is a good thing, so don't tell him. The more of those who believe as he does, the better for the rest of us in the long run.

Enough Already

Thanks for coming out of the closet Larry. We always knew you were strange and had limited intelligence but now you have confirmed it. We always suspected you were never a Republican, but a RINO who would sell their own mother to pocket a few bucks. Real Republicans don't sell out their country Larry. Glad you are officially aligning yourself to where your black heart has always been. Good riddance and don't let the door hit you on the way out.


You're in a panic and understandably so. You're dreading November 3 while the rest of us just can't wait.

Absolutely Positively

It's cute to see all the fake excitement over Biden. The truth is that the GOP doesn't fear him and the Democrats don't have any faith in him. We both know this.

Dr. Strangelove

Joe Biden won't even know you voted for him. Glad you're leaving. We need to cull the herd more often.

Absolutely Positively

You don't spend decades on the hill, making a living insulated within your own quaint bureaucracy, without developing an appreciation for the bureaucracy and you sure as hell can't be expect such a guy to support anything that would upset that.

Wheres Jeb! when you need him?

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