How does it feel?

The previous president spent eight years bowing to Muslims, giving them a billion dollars, jumping to conclusions and calling police stupid at every opportunity and racially separating our great country.

He accomplished nothing other than to become a millionaire.

He was a useless joke. Ask the Ukrainians or the Syrian rebels or our middle class. All of the conservatives I know were sickened by what he and Hillary Clinton did and did not know.

President Donald Trump has the best success rate in a lifetime, yet you continue to whine and cry and make false claims. Under "Nobama," we had cause to dislike the incompetent buffoon, yet we accepted it.

Good luck the next five years getting government handouts for time-out pillows.

Unless the Democratic Party implodes, there will be another one acting as president and stealing all the middle class' money.

But, rest assured, we will give that person bad press, true or not, and do a microscopic check into his/her background.

John Lambert

Bowling Green


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