You know it must be a tough time to be a liberal.

President Donald Trump has the economy booming, our military is more powerful than ever, taxes are lower, China is being taught how to play fair in trade, Iran is suffering from sanctions, American pride is back, God is not shunned anymore – I could keep going, but you get it! It’s sad that our “enlightened great thinker” Aaron Hughey still calls our president a racist.

As I said before, when liberals have no substance to argue, they call you names. If you believe in two genders, you’re a fascist. If you believe in Christianity, you're an Islamophobe. If you believe in secure borders, you’re anti-immigrant. I personally don’t want illegal immigrants coming by the thousands to simply join our welfare system.

Mr. Hughey, there is more to life than the groupthink you expose students to. There aren’t white supremacists on every street corner. White privilege is a liberal term that is simply fantasy. The things you call racist are all about economic status. The harder you work, the more you achieve. The bigger the dream, the bigger the reward. I believe in America first.

Once our people are taken care of, then we will help the world. I said it before and I’ll say it again: If America is so racist, why does everyone want to come here and nobody wants to leave? It’s not racist to say “if you don’t like it here leave!” Mr. Hughey, I’ll bet you give extra credit to students who protest with Antifa and riot against conservative speakers. The next time you want to belittle President Trump, state facts, not your poor little hurt feelings, Mr. Hughey.

Support America, sir, not the socialist ideas your party is planning.

Eric Wheeler

Bowling Green


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If the ultimate goal of Mr. Wheeler (EA?) was to make the "Libs" look idiotic, he should have just stayed retired. This type of tripe only serves to prove the inverse.

Enough Already 2

Amen! The reference to enough already is very interesting. The word on the street is that Mr. Wheeler actually has multiple other "comment identities" that he has used over the years. If one is interested, I could probably resurrect multiple examples from archived comments. Some of these appear real regular for a period of time and then they go quiet for months or years.

Regardless, I have had enough already of his poor attempts to show evidence of intelligent life...


"What a waste it is to lose one's mind. Or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is."

Enough Already

Let's leave Joe Biden out of this!

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