It is reported that Twitter has permanently banned Donald Trump from making any comments on its forum. It is quite possible that Facebook, Instagram and other digital media will join the bandwagon and take the same action. As private entities, I suppose, the owners of these businesses have the right to decide what material they publish. But there are other issues to consider.

There is no argument that some of Trump’s tweets (like countless other politicians and celebrities) have been controversial and inappropriate. Furthermore, perhaps Trump should have been more careful in his comments during his rallies, not allowing to be blamed for the fiasco at the Capitol Hill a few weeks ago, which apparently was all pre-planned. However, how do such actions justify the censorship that has been placed on his future comments on Twitter?

Trump ... is an American citizen with all his civil rights, including the right to free speech. In our legal system, even the convicts are not penalized for their future actions. Should Twitter ban Trump’s future tweets even if they prove to be sound advice and constructive commentaries?

Even in the totalitarian systems, where the media are heavily controlled, any material for publication is reviewed by the authorities and each text is “sanitized,” or rejected, on its own merits, and not because of the author's future material.

It appears that the hatred of Trump and the fear that he might play a role in future politics in this country have compelled Twitter, Facebook and other liberal media to resort to measures that may sound legal but defy fairness and common sense.

Mort Shahmir

Bowling Green