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Le Ecrivain

The Kentucky legislature was putting up a God sign law so that the deprived can know it's God's will and the non-deprived won't have to care because it's God's will and they did this instead of anything related to minimum wage increases despite two different bills being in committees.

The official position of the state legislature is that God will take care of such matters. If only they felt the same about their paychecks and would lower taxes while letting God take care of their pay raises.

Absolutely Positively

Each time one of these insincere letters is printed, I send another donation to the NRA. Milk it for all it's worth, ladies.


The left never blames the shooter...if you murder people with your vehicle, they don't demand car control....or knife control if multiple people are stabbed to death.. If you know your history, you know better than to trust your government with much that you cherish...


Why should the actions of mentally ill people cause the government to infringe on my rights guaranteed by the bill of rights, are you willing to give up more rights.

Enough Already

No amount of laws will stop the killing. This is a culture issue and efforts to add restrictions to guns will have no effect. LE has already indicated that they had nothing in their records that would have prohibited the killers from acquiring guns. This is just more of the clueless left droning on about gun control...

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