We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” – Albert Einstein

Wake up.

Contrary to the rhetoric spewing from the president and his surrogates these days, the debate raging over voting by mail is not about preventing fraud. It’s about preserving something infinitely more important than winning an election by any means necessary.

My grandfather didn't trudge all over Europe 76 years ago to support a particular partisan ideology or out of allegiance to a particular elected leader. He did it to safeguard our freedoms and to uphold our right to self-determination.

Listen to the Brennan Center for Justice: “An exhaustive investigative journalism analysis of all known voter fraud cases identified only 491 cases of absentee ballot fraud from 2000 to 2012. While mail ballots are more susceptible to fraud than in-person voting, it is still more likely for an American to be struck by lightning than to commit mail voting fraud.”

Newsflash: We're in a pandemic. People will literally lose their lives if they are forced to physically go to a polling station on Election Day. When faced with similar challenges in the past, presidents typically attempted to solve the problems they encountered – not exploit them to gain a personal advantage over their rivals.

LBJ certainly understood country before party.

The bottom line is we can absolutely make voting by mail secure – and we should be willing to do whatever it takes to do so. Americans went to the moon; we certainly have the capability to do something far less complicated like ensuring the integrity of an electoral process.

All we need is the collective will to do the right thing. We owe that much to my grandfather – and to all those who fought to protect something sacred.

Wake up.

Aaron W. Hughey

Bowling Green

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Enough Already 2

Well, again it is always a pleasure to read some comments from Dr. Hughey. I know many of those who comment on these back channels are intimidated by his articulate and well thought out presentation of factual information, but my only response to the those bitter and crude individuals is: “It is what it is!”

Now, from my perspective there is much more voter fraud perpetuated by those who would diminish voting by the use of some form of intimidation or some other impediment. Their inclination is that only the core of individuals that totally agree with their “right of radical” conservatism should be counted on election day.

Many people do not vote, so it would seem reasonable that the more individuals that can be encouraged to participate in the democratic process, the closer we can come to meeting the ideals of what democracy embodies. But it is evident that these bitter naysayers do not know what a democracy is. If they do by chance know what a democracy is, that is not what they really want.

I am sure that God, in her wisdom, will see us through this pandemic, and she will make use of good science, truth, due diligence, and good leaders stepping forward to instill faith in the system. This will not happen instantly and there will be some bumps in the road. However, the biggest bump in the road may be eliminated in due course. Yes, tRump should be a bad memory as we start getting our Nation, our lives, our economy, and our social order back to normal. This will not be instant, but it will start when the Nation votes early at convenient times and locations, sends in their mail in ballot, or votes on election day at their local voting prescient. I will be working at the polling center on election day, but my mail in ballot will already be in the Clerk’s office by that time.

Enough Already

So Ernie, will you be stuffing ballot boxes yourself or just aiding and abetting?

Dr. Strangelove

People of Western Kentucky. You are paying thousands of dollars to have a man this ignorant to guide your kids through college. Aaron Hughey is not who you want at WKU.


If you claim someone is ignorant but cannot demonstrate precisely why this claim to ignorance is true then it is generally the one making the accusation, and without proposing any reasonable counter factual objections, who is in fact the ignorant one.

Enough Already

Somehow I knew you would step in to demonstrate your ignorance as well. There are more than a few instances of voter fraud and shifting to vote by mail would make it even easier. The democrats have now backed their dumb butts against a wall and unless they figure out how to rig this election on a grand scale don't have the hope of an ice cube in hell of winning. This is and always has been about voter fraud for them.







Wrong. Of course.




From your freebeacon 'proof', "The addresses that we used were provided by the voters when they registered," Dan Kulin, a spokesman for Clark County, told the Washington Free Beacon. (Pay close attention to this portion, it is vitally important) "If they no longer reside at the address they provided to us, then we would expect that mail to be returned to us, WHICH IS WHAT HAPPENED." (emphasis added just for you. I know how horrible your reading comprehension tends to be.)

And, as usual, your sources are abysmal. All are Right biased based on story selection and editorial positions that align with the conservative, mostly fringe, right. Also, all are rated as mixed for factual reporting due to several failed fact checks. With the exception of the dailywire which also can lay claim to an additional; Failing another fact check will require it be moved to the Questionable list. What else should one expect from Ben 'facts don't care about your feelings, but pretty much every time someone points out how I'm wrong it hurts my feelings' Shapiro. (ahem, Andrew Neil, and pretty much anyone else that isn't a first year college student. Which is why he prefers that audience)

Absolutely Positively

Alrighty. He says that people will die if they vote in person. It is unsubstantiated and there is no record of anyone in this country dying from the coronavirus because he or she (or it, you never know these days) voted in person.


Any further expositions would be akin to beating up on the mentally challenged and I happen to be hampered by the possession of scruples.

Enough Already

Stupid AND wrong of course.

This is typical for you. Give me some left leaning websites that puke up alternate facts on command to defend democrat socialists and communists and then expect everyone to agree with you because you're able to use an internet search engine when forced to.

Here are the sources you used. The sources are abysmal. All are left biased and align with the coordinated talking points of liars on the left. Nothing unusual for you. If you think that is justification for your arguments I know it is for mine. I have the truth on my side and you have Joe Lyin Biden, the Hildabeast and Braaaaack Husein Obama.










Enough Already

I concur, and it is in your best interest to surrender. I take no pleasure in continuing to flog a brain dead liberal like yourself. Don't thank me. Your surrender is thanks enough.

Absolutely Positively

You know you're dealing with a clown when his reasoning and justification is that his grandpappy fought in the big war.

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