Dear Sen. Mitch McConnell,

As duly elected members of the Warren County, Kentucky, Democratic Executive Committee, we strongly urge you to honor your oath of office, taken many times over the course of your long and distinguished tenure as a public servant. Our committee’s desire is that bipartisan rules be established that will govern the impeachment trial in the Senate of President Donald John Trump.

We sincerely hope and pray that your decision as to the rules during the Senate trial will be informed by the prudent words of Thomas Jefferson when he asserted that difference of opinion leads to enquiry and enquiry leads to truth. Our simple request is that the inquiry during the Senate trial need not be anything more than the search for truth. Often, when the goal is to follow the truth, people come together in its pursuit. We are certain that this is your ultimate and sincere objective. This request is put forth motivated only for what is best for the long-term future of our country and its form of government that has served us well through other challenging times.

We could offer the specifics used to delineate and transmit this simple, direct request; however, you realize in both your head and heart, this is the right, just, ethical and moral course to take during the Senate’s efforts to search for the truth in the articles of impeachment.

Phil Eason and members of Warren County, Kentucky, Democratic Executive Committee

Bowling Green


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Yes, fairness as you Dems used in the House? What a laugh. Hopefully you Dems will get no chance in the Senate to parade your ignorance, corruption, and bankrupt ideology to the country. You are not to be trusted with anything.


I agree with your letter of opinion 1000%. I only wish that you had sent it in good faith to the leaders of the House of Representatives during their hearings as well, especially Representative Schiff when he made his rules for the impeachment in the House in a closed door meeting in the basement. They would have fared well to follow this advice as well. I would have liked for it to have been fair in both the House, and the Senate, and that's what the American people deserved, regardless of political affiliation. If it were fair, and he was found guilty, I would be behind impeaching him 100%, but we all know that there was nothing remotely fair about the House hearings. Now, we want to make sure that everyone follows the rules?


Funny how I never seen a similar request from these people during the House inquiries. I wonder why?

Enough Already

Answer: Because ALL Democrats are hypocrites.

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