Warren board wrong on school-choice lawsuit

I read the newspaper and was very disappointed to see that the Warren County school board voted to oppose the so-called school-choice bill that was passed by the House and Senate and fund a lawsuit. As a former board member and board chairman, this is the wrong position on this.

It appears that public education thinks it must have a monopoly on education, at least when it comes to funding. Now the board wants to use public funds to sue the state of Kentucky, which will in turn use public funds to defend the lawsuit.

A great use of taxpayers’ money!

This reminds me of a somewhat similar issue that came up when I was board chairman. At that time, school boards were asked to fund a lawsuit against the state to force a huge tax increase on the taxpayers. Needless to say, I opposed this.

Public education needs to stand on its own merits.

Larry Causey

Bowling Green