In the past it was lawful to own slaves and have indentured servants. They were from all nationalities and races. The truth has been shamefully distorted. We as a country evolved to outlaw owning slaves.

We used to be able to do many things that are now illegal. Driving with out a seat belt is one example.

Are people that used to drive without a seat belt before the law deserving of a ticket?

If a person legally owned slaves in the 1700’s, are they now to be thought of as evil? Does it mean that the people and their memory be stricken from the record now and discredited? This is not what the well-funded minority wants you to believe and to stand by while they tear down statues and monuments to great people of our past. Our democratic republic was set up to enable change as the people desired. It also provides freedoms not found anywhere else in the world.

Some of our progress and change recently should be questioned as a religious nation. I also pray that we stop killing many thousands of babies each month, one day soon.

We have allowed our children to be taught socialism and hate for this country or disrespect in our public schools and funded it. Now many people wonder why the millennials think and act as they do. I blame us all.

The effort to overthrow the U.S.A. started soon after our independence from England was achieved. Since then, the masks have been removed and we elect them to government offices and wonder why things are so screwed up. These politicians believe they own the office since they have been in it so long. Citizens were to rule this nation, not a ruling class of professional politicians.

Ken Blanton


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