What would Founders think of U.S. divide?

The official seal of the commonwealth of Kentucky contains this statement: “United we stand, Divided we fall.”

This statement was first used by one of our Founding Fathers, John Dickinson, in 1768. I am made to wonder what his thoughts might be in evaluating our nation in its present-day division.

Not only do we have an unbridgeable divide in our population – our political parties – but more disturbing is the divide which has engulfed our judicial branch of government.

Supposedly, our Supreme Court consists of nine of the most talented judicial minds in our nation. Often, they are unable to agree on the meaning of a simple English statement but render a 5-4 decision on the meaning of the statement.

This reminds me of a former president who stated, “It depends upon what the meaning of ‘is’ is.”

This judicial divide is more evident in our lower courts. During congressional hearings involving the impeachment of President Donald Trump, the members of committees have encountered many cases where “executive privilege” is claimed and situations where committees are not allowed to hear testimony of witnesses desired by the minority members.

Many of the disagreements have found their way into the federal court system for settlement.

Our national divide is in a court system which now is embedded in politics. Most all of the decisions that are decided against the Trump administration are made by Obama appointees.

The judicial appointees made before 2009 are not as likely to be along political lines, regardless of the party affiliation of the appointing president.

What happened to Republican vetting in 2009-17?

Politics infiltrating our judicial system is completely unacceptable, pointing to “Divided we fall.” This makes one wonder how far we are away from Thomas Jefferson’s admonition on refreshing the tree of liberty!

Dallas Wheat

Bowling Green


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Enough Already

This letter is an accurate analysis of the current situation in Washington DC.

Unfortunately the founders never envisioned an electorate composed of ignorant sheep disconnected from common sense but obsessed with what government would give them. They refuse to use any semblance of logic in deciding the leaders of the nation and prefer to use loyalty to political parties regardless of the final outcome. They vote for people who espouse no borders and call it Christianity even though the end result is ruin. They go to bed with that warm feeling akin to when they urinate in their pants, but upon waking up cold and uncomfortable convinced they displayed the ultimate love, even if it is national suicide. Unfortunately they are too stupid to know it...

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