Open letter to Mitch McConnell

In 2016, you and the Senate held up the nomination of a Supreme Court nominee stating that the next elected president should fill the position. This was a direct effort to prevent President Obama from filling the position. Now the situation has presented itself again. Are you standing by your words along with many other senators in this case or are you going to insist that a new justice be confirmed before the elections?

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg requested that her replacement be chosen by the people rather than by the current administration. I think that her request should be honored but I also think that it is extremely disrespectful for the President and the Senate to be talking about her replacement until her family, the Supreme Court and the nation have time to mourn her death. If the Republicans are so certain they will win this election, what is the rush to fill the position? It is time for our elected officials to act for and support their constituents rather than their party. It is your job as our elected representative to support and provide for the people of this country. You, sir, are not doing that. Your interests are strictly along party lines and you dare to criticize any member of either party that tries to support and provide for the people of this country.

Janet Fugate

Bowling Green

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Thank you for saying what the silent majority are feeling.

Enough Already

Not the majority, the deceived minority...

Enough Already

You won't find this video by a casual search of the web because google, facebook, youtube, and all of the rest of the biased democrat companies have buried the search results, and this happens all of th time. These biased organizations don't want you to see this speech. They want you to watch CBS, ABC, or some other media arm of the democrat party. You have to go to the youtube, search for Ted Cruz, and THEN find the right speech. Here is the complete record of what he said without the MSM media selectively editing out or burying the results that they don't like.


EnoughAlready, have you considered getting counseling? You are exhibiting strong symptoms of paranoia. You can look up "paranoid personality disorder in the DSM-5 or just Google it.

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