Concerning the Daily News article (regarding teachers questioning school reopening plans) July 17: My gut reaction is this: since when do we "obey" a president who threatens our citizens and children?

Can you name the child you are willing to lose in this political/money experiment and maybe put a star on his forehead to make it real for everyone? Why is everyone so afraid of this president whose only leadership skills involve lies and threats? Where is the money trail because that is the only thing that matters in this experiment?

Jeffrey Strong


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Enough Already

Stop with the stupid ignorant letters Jeffrey.

No one cares what you think...


You cared enough to comment, so...

Enough Already

I comment as a public service only, like I do with you to assist people to differentiate between BS (YOU) and actual intelligent thoughts.


You have utterly failed in your charge considering that the opposite of your fantastical delusions have conclusively and consistently been demonstrated. If were capable of intelligent thoughts you'd have come to this realization by now.

Every. Single. Time.


Whose kid in worth losing in car crashes? By your logic everyone should stop driving cars also.


By logical inference, your logic is defective.

Now for your namesake, you can claim to actually _Know something. Whether you learn from it is a different story.

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