I was shocked, but not surprised, to see in the paper that WKU has removed the historical marker noting that Bowling Green, for a short time in 1862, was the Confederate capital of the state.

Historical markers are neither good or bad; they simply state a fact of history. It appears that WKU has been taken over by the leftist-Progressives who believe they can decide what history is good or bad and if they don't like it have it removed.

I would remind everyone of the general phrase that states "those that don't know history are doomed to repeat it." I suppose that the leftists on the Hill will soon have a memorial of two of their heroes Stalin and Mao, who killed millions, but this fact of history will also be ignored. I am a WKU graduate and am sorry to see what has happened to WKU.

To me they no longer exist.

Larry Causey

Bowling Green

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"if a marker is there only source of history then....." Lets get rid of the one about 1/2 mile down the road, the one for Jonesville then......


Fire the whole faculty and start again...

Enough Already

Will they now be looking for a prominent place for a bust of Joe Biden, their new socialist hero? Probably, keep a sharp eye out...


Erasing simple facts written on post because it offends a few doesn’t erase truth.

That’s like shutting the door to the basement in a house ignoring the foundation.

It’s there and let’s be aware how easily that door could once again open and down we’d fall.




If a marker is their only source of history then...


I agree whole heartily!!!!

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