The recent article "Educators decry limiting classroom discussions of racism" left me shocked and saddened. It seems our local superintendents desire the ability to decide if our precious children are indoctrinated into the Godless teachings of Marxism (critical race theory).

Superintendent Rob Clayton spoke that " ... governance structures exist at local levels ... to address concerns ... with local decision making." If these groups work so well in upholding American democratic principles, why are parents across this nation attending school board meetings to decry the takeover of the education of their children by the indoctrination of hate (critical race theory)?

The article lists six ideas/concepts that would not be taught to Kentucky students. Do our superintendents feel these ideas/concepts should be taught to our youth? Maybe they should be asked to answer "yes" or "no" to each idea/concept listed in the proposed law.

Parents, please attend the site-based council meetings at your school and the school board meetings. Listen to the terminology used. Ask for clear definitions.

Recent articles have expressed the concerns of superintendents for House Bill 563 (scholarship tax credits for private school tuition) that it would divert funds and cause students to leave the public school system. I have a one sentence solution to their anxiety. Provide a superior product, and parents won't go looking elsewhere.

The vast majority of parents want their children to be educated in the three R's of reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic, not to be racist, rioters and radicals. Karl Marx didn't deny there is a God. He just hated God. Seems a wonderful example for our youth to follow if one wants more unrest in the streets.

Fonda Hawks

Smiths Grove

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