Dear Sen. Mitch McConnell:

Please note my displeasure at your behavior in connection with the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Your failure to even pretend to be an impartial juror in this trial is shocking. Your failure to abide by the terms of the federal Constitution is shocking.

You need to be removed from office as much as the president does. You both work only to enrich yourselves. You have done nothing for the people of this country.

I will do my darnedest to see that neither you nor Trump serves any more terms in office.

Very truly yours,

Jane LaRock

Bowling Green


(3) comments

Enough Already

Hi Jane. Mitch will probably never see your whiny stupid letter but I am authorized on his behalf to tell you to kiss his...

Absolutely Positively

"I mean come on Mitch why don't you do what the Democrats want you to do?

Singed Jane"

Absolutely Positively

And in the process I committed a transposition error. One of those days!

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