Our country is in lockdown and headed for disaster over what I believe is excessive government intervention and pandering at the state and federal levels.

As of Friday morning in Kentucky, we have five deaths from the coronavirus. Yet, if you look at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention information submitted by the Kentucky Health and Family Services Division, 99 people have died of or from complications with influenza in Kentucky alone. This is from Jan. 1 to March 14. On a national basis, the CDC reports that between Oct. 1 and March 14 (flu seasonal report), there have been 38 million flu illnesses in the U.S., 390,000 hospitalizations and 23,000 deaths to date.

The vast majority of deaths are aided by underlying health conditions of the patients. Please put all this in perspective as to what is being reported as a pandemic. It is more of a panic-demic, in my own words. Most all of it is politically motivated to bring down the administration and this country.

Thousands die from the flu every year, yet we don’t shut down living and the opportunity to provide. For those of you who think the Wuhan virus is the black plague, think again. Currently worldwide, there are 343,421 coronavirus infections and 14,790 deaths worldwide. Worldwide.

So, if we shut down and enact governmental controls based on this, then why not shut down yearround based on the national data I just gave you on the influenza types? Think about it. There is something very wrong being perpetrated here and it has very little to do with normal statistical risks of living. We are tanking this country and the Democrats and their media are hard at work to make it happen.

I’m not buying in to any of it.

Brent Rains

Bowling Green


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Enough Already 2


I'm just wondering what the blessed fool that wrote this letter is thinking now? Probably still thinks that it is still a hoax.

Well, I do hope that Mr. Rains, Dr. Strangelove, Mr. Wheeler, Enough Already, Vice President Pence, President Trump, and a few others will step forward like Texas lieutenant governor, Dan Patrick, as individuals willing to die to revive the virus-torn economy.

If this virus thingy is really such a hoax, perhaps these guys can get by with just a hang nail and the economy will cure itself by Easter.

Also, does anyone know if this Dr. Strangelove is the new preacher in town?

What say ye?


Yeah, most likely still clinging to the "it's a hoax" gambit. Wouldn't look for him to offer any clarification either. Seems to me to be the possessor of a double down type mentality.

As for the Dr. At least he took the advice and changed his username.

Ted T

The economy will be hard to bring back. However a conspiracy to bring down an administration, is far from likely. I admit a lot of highly suspect things are occurring, crime was front page news, but reports have all but vanished. I suspect this is a way to control panic, people would automatically tie it to shortages or theft because of this crisis, thus inducing local mass hysteria. Conspiracies, nay, but a group of people taking advantage of the current crisis to bang on one party or the other....that is totally possible and IS happening. I hope you all come out the other side of this thing safe and well -Ted T


Wow! I'm blown away. This thread is like a class reunion. We've got Rocketman entering the fray. Been a while man, glad to see you are still keeping a finger on the pulse! We've got EA2 formally known as...? (wink). I'll never tell. How could I, considering that I cannot state the member behind this secret identity as a matter of fact? Purely speculative on my behalf, lest I be called out for breaking my pledge to never state something as fact which is not evidently true.

And, last but certainly not least, we have the class dunce, our very own idiotic commenter extraordinare, the one, the only (thankfully)Enough Already.

Man, if I took a drink every time this clown mentioned 'socialism', or spouted off with some inane platitudinous dispensation from his big book of fairy tales, why, I wouldn't even have to worry about the Coronavirus taking me out, I'd have fried my liver in short order a long time ago.

Remember my brethren; If we don't fight stupid, stupid thinks it's right.

Enough Already

How honored I am to be singled out by our resident atheist and all around know-it-all. That tells me I have your attention and even though your are light on neurons and may never understand, other people read these comments and are able to put 2+2 together. Intelligent people are awakening to the fact that not all is right with what the media wants us to believe. While Koheleth and those like him persist with their blinders on and their fantasy world of "no God" and creation by random chance, God is getting the attention of the entire world as we draw closer to the end of the age and eternity beyond. Everybody is "in" and will play, including those that deny the existence of God.

Your liver is not in near as much jeopardy as your soul. Livers wear out but your soul is forever.

Psa 14:1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.

Pro 9:10  The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding. 

Remember my brethren; If we acquiescence to atheists and socialists they will control the narrative and exchange the truth for a lie.


Given the fact that you are the persistent purveyor of misinformation and outright falsehoods on this medium, you've 'earned' special recognition. My intentions are not to expose you as the daft person you are, I could never in a million years do a better job of this than you do for yourself. I count on others reading these exchanges which is why I hold you to account so often. I wish to remove any ambiguity from the source, exposing the seedy underbelly of you psyche and the ignorance that you conflate as intelligence.

No Monarch rules the universe;

But chance and atoms make this ALL.

In order democratically;

Where bodies freely run their course,

Without design, or fate, or force.


Enough Already

It is always interesting to see you accuse someone else of lying when you yourself are guilty of lying. You employee this tactic whenever it gets uncomfortable for you. Projection is your favorite dodge.

Presenting garbage theories as fact does not make it true but it does make you a liar. Woven together with opinion, disputed history and even more pseudo science convinces no one of anything other than you are full of yourself and are not to be trusted. People see through it rather easily. Refusing to acknowledge what you don't know because of your atheist faith and then using that to justify your belief that "there is no God" is weak and self serving. Time on earth is finite. You will find this out one day.

Heb_9:27  And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:


Assertions detected.

Evidence not presented.

Assertions rejected.


Well K haven’t been around lately and was actually wondering about you although I couldn’t remember your new handle. I got it now and looking forward to your commentary.


Mr. Rains as a moderate Republican I have to ask “Are you out of your mind?”

Enough Already 2

What a coincidence. As we read the listing in the Opinions section of today’s BG Daily News On Line, we see this week’s readers poll:

Do you think the coronavirus crisis/closings/etc. will continue into summer?

The current polling indicates 68.2% YES and 31.8% No

WOW! Thirty two percent of the BG Daily News’ readers feel that the coronavirus will flame out in just a few weeks, and this whole thing will just be a minor blip. Yes, they believe that this is some hoax to defeat Trump in the November election.


Mr. Rains’ letter states that “he isn't buying coronavirus hype”. It is evident that Mr. Rains must be part of this approximate 33% of the survey audience.

This reader poll equates closely with the national trends that show that only about a third of Americans have their absolute faith and trust in Donald Trump. These are the die-hard believers or cultists. “I submit we have found the “base” support level of Donald Trump”. These numbers will not likely ever go any lower!

The take home message is that at a time our country is in a catastrophic pandemic that is threatening to destroy our health care and our economy, the President of the United States is trusted by a mere 37% of his fellow citizens (see link below). If this catastrophe cannot bring Americans to rally around their President, Donald John Trump, Sr. is staring into his political abyss in November.


By the time the covid-19 plays out, anyone would look better, smarter and more electable than Trump. Dr. Fauci has told us it’s going to be bad; Surgeon General Adams has told us it’s going to be bad; and two thirds of us in the general community know it’s going to be bad. Trump still hasn’t learned that describing a desired action does not make that action occur, and the pandemic is going to be showing us this in living color.

Mr. Raines is definitely part of this core group of conservative Trump supporters. I will remind all of a recent comment in these pages that “not all conservatives are stupid, but most stupid people are conservative! I believe that these “Trump at any cost group” are most likely the “stupid first” category!

PS: Another anecdotal, but very accurate test for determining these “die hard” Trump supporters is to determine if they consider the story of Noah and the building of the Ark to be a literal story.

What say ye?

Enough Already

Hold those thoughts rube. Let's revisit all your predictions in November and see who the stupid people really are. Just for the record, Noah did build the arc and God shut the door. You have a very rude awakening coming to you in the future. Perhaps God will allow me to record your excuses. That should be quite entertaining...


This individual probably hammered out this nonsense while sitting in a fort made out of rolls of toilet paper.

Le Ecrivain

Half a million dead white guys from deaths of despair after getting locked out of the job market from 2010-2018. The economy has now been obliterated in a travesty that makes that job losses during that recession look like child's play. However, most of the losses so far were minorities and women instead of white guys. We'll see how the country comes roaring back and proves the folly of those who claim its a scheme to drive massive socioeconomic change..

Enough Already

Looks like Cloward-Piven to me. The democrats are trying to saddle the country with so much debt there is no choice but to raise taxes or declare bankruptcy. I have a feeling you are right in that it will be hard to bring the economy back unless it is turned loose again soon. Democrats were so worried about the masses that they loaded up this bill with massive amounts of pork including millions for the arts and the Metropolitan opera. I know you must be tickled that they thought these kinds of things were important to the American people when they were in the middle of a pandemic. (Or was it a Dempanic?) You must be thrilled with the opera being funded during a crisis. Now you can now see how much they care for you. This won't be another French revolution but I do expect heads to roll at some point. Hopefully in November now that it is obvious to people what the demonrats are up to.

Enough Already

UBI is a myth and unattainable.

Enough Already

And you were probably worshiping at you altar of socialism/atheism when you wrote your response...

Le Ecrivain

Socialism is like a swimming pool. If there's enough of it to go around, it only leaves the big swimmers with fitness ability.

Le Ecrivain

UBI gave the world The Beatles.

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