The English language is used and shared around the world. When folks come to America from foreign countries to live and work and make this country theirs too, right away we want them to speak the English language and preferably, with very little accent. It is a beautiful tool. A lot can also depend on interpretation. The choice of English word can be challenging because of interpretation. An experience with the word "degrading" and its interpretation could make or break a friendship.

The most surprising and unexplainable English word in recent history is the word COMPATIBLE. According to the Webster's New World Dictionary, the meaning of compatible is "the ability of living together harmoniously, or getting along well together: in agreement." And that is the college edition.

To those who have the power to make or break a neighborhood, "compatible" in every harmonious way takes on another meaning. Compatibility is reduced to a series of check marks in small boxes on a developer's form to achieve the desired result. It does not matter if the desired "back up" evidence is miles away rather than across the road where evidence unacceptable to their application exists. This and other methods can be used to achieve the desired end of inserting 56 houses on 21 acres of land into an already existing, harmonious and compatible neighborhood where homes are established on two to seven acres of land each.

Are we this desperate that we should allow detrimental change to happen without a whimper? Are we going to allow land changing, life changing, overcrowding, less than the best development of 56 houses on 21 acres of land at 8039 Twin Bridges Road to change the compatibility of our neighborhood without objecting?

I do object and I am not alone!

Jo Jean Scott


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