This is a question for all law enforcement (city, county and state).

I have been attending Harley Drags at Beech Bend since I was 19 years old.

I was working for Mr. Garvin at the time when Bowling Green was terrorized by bikers. Did some of them get stupid? Yes! Do we deserve to be profiled because of something that happened 41 yrs ago? No! No other event has police officers lined up on Beech Bend Road with road blocks like the bike events. The owner of Beech Bend was pulled over twice in one night this year. Most of us are parents and/or grandparents. We frown upon children being in the campground with drinking and partying.

Talk to the businesses in Bowling Green. Most will tell you they would rather have the Harley Drags than the Hot Rod Reunion and/or the LS Fest. Ask the custodians at Beech Bend who is the nastiest and rudest. I attend a lot of events at Beech Bend. It amazes me all the people that let their children run "wild" without a clue where they are for hours. Bikers do a lot for their community – fundraisers, benefit rides, etc. Bikers usually take care of their own. If someone gets stupid, they get them back to their campsite. If someone gets hurt, they take care of them.

MC's come and go at our campsite. In all the years I have been going, the only fight at our campsite was back in June. The culprit was not a biker, nor had he ever been on a bike. He was a camper from the other side of the campground that is fenced off for families. If anyone drives out of there drinking, they are stupid. Why are we all being profiled? What can we do as a whole to stop It?

Deborah Campbell

Bowling Green


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Absolutely Positively

Someone starting their letter off with a name drop and "I've been doing this for however many years" is a good sign that the letter will be dumb. This is no exception.

You don't get an exemption from safety because you drive a motorcycle. Most people understand that.


Name drop? If you would take time to read it, you would see we are not asking to be exempt from safety. We just don't want to be singled out because we do ride bikes. The laws should be obeyed no matter what you drive. Another event this past weekend proved it's not just bikers that can cause problems in Bowling Green. We just want to be treated like everyone else. Do you ride?

Absolutely Positively

They've had roadblocks set up in that area for large events for years. Try again.


I am at most major events every year... No roadblocks except for Harley Drags! TRY AGAIN!!!

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