“Gen Z” has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

A once fragile age group – too young to be termed “millennials,” yet old enough to experience the economic and cultural shockwaves of the 21st century – is now equipped with a moniker that almost implies finality, as if our passage through the generational cycle represents the end of a greater era.

Gen Z lives up to this name, dismantles systemic oppression one TikTok at a time.

The beauty of the internet age is that it simplifies political engagement, with the mandate to inherit parental voting affiliations rendered null by the sheer force of Google. As a natural consequence, the American Enterprise Institute reports that Gen Z is both more politically independent and engaged than the generations that came before it, rejecting political partisanship in favor of specific policy positions and outspoken activism.

For proof, see Gen-Z leading the charge in today’s activism-based political climate. Whether it be using YouTube as a mechanism to donate time to BLM or flooding law enforcement’s call for protest videos with K-POP stars, the young people of our world are fighting hard to tangibly improve it. Across America, sweeping reforms are being enacted to address concerns amplified by Gen Z’s outspoken nature, and within Kentucky, progressive thinkers like Charles Booker and Patti Minter have received electoral support from our youngest voters.

Young people are making their voices heard, regardless of if you support the message.

I write this to say that I have immeasurable pride for my generation. Our presence may terrify or excite our progenitors, but the beauty of Gen Z is that we really don’t care what they think. We care about justice. We care about impact. We care about the electrifying possibility of our now-young minds leading the world to a greater era.

Christian Butterfield

Bowling Green

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I used to see a lot of militant beggars in the big city, esp. on the subways.Are they now called Gen Z? So I suspect Mr. Butterfield is another of those militant beggars. Having his hand out, militantly begging for money to fund his life, his health care, his college, his food, his housing while lecturing and abusing people like me who have to pay for non productive militant beggars like him.


To the AP/EA et al types, all I care, nay, need to say is Tick-Tock (or perhaps TikTok) gents.

Enough Already 2

...and may I add:

"Trump has put race at the center of his re-election message. He did so in two aggressive speeches over the weekend and defended the Confederate flag yesterday. Almost every day in the last two weeks, Mr. Trump has sought to stoke white fear and resentment,”

And yet this time seems different: The strategy isn’t working. Trump’s poll numbers are slumping, and some of his 2016 supporters cite racial issues as a reason they plan to vote for Joe Biden.

I agree, "Young people are making their voices heard, regardless of if you support the message."

One can denigrate the younger generations all they wish, but they are always the future. This new wave is a paradigm shift!


Pay no heed to those commenters below Christian. Or any other Gen Z readers for that matter.

One of them has a perverse infatuation with Lenin. (EA) And all things not aligning with his antiquated worldview and ideological slant are considered 'communist'. Which is merely a trait that he himself exhibits a fond reverence for if only he was capable of introspection. The other is as equally goofy as the former. (AP) They are in fact dinosaurs. Vestiges of an era currently in its death throes. Consign them to the dust bin of history. Not forgotten, but forevermore irrelevant.

Absolutely Positively

You're as delusional as the guy who wrote the letter.

Enough Already

Each is afforded the opportunity to decide what they they think in regard to the letter. History is replete with those who talk a good game but have nothing but excuses for their outcomes.

Bottom line: You can conflate today's leftist arguments with any manner of social justice arguments until the rule of law spits in their face. (Koheleth) The question is will you let the current popular communist culture rollover 244 years of actual freedom, or will you stand up for the great free county you live in. KAG Vote Trump in 2020 unless you want to explain what freedom was like to your children before communism took over the United States of America...

Enough Already

The problem with Gen Z is way too many are lemmings, or as Lenin called their type, "Useful Idiots". They are just naive enough to elect a Hugo Chavez type.

Absolutely Positively

“Hi, have I told you how important I think I am? I’m 20! You should let me any my generation run things.”

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