Mask should cover nose, too

When is a mask NOT a mask?

Everyone who has decided to wear a mask to deter the spread of COVID-19 is to be commended. To my great disappointment, I have noticed many individuals in public places with masks on their faces, but, alas, the mask covers only the mouth! It has slipped down so that it does not cover the nose, defeating its purpose. Sometimes, the person keeps pulling the mask up to cover the nose, but in doing so, keeps touching the face. Unfortunately, these actions defeat the whole purpose of the mask. The mask is no longer an effective mask!

If we are going to defeat the COVID-19 virus, we must choose a mask that functions effectively as a mask. PLEASE be sure your MASK is a MASK!

Martha C. Jenkins

Bowling Green

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Mr. Wheeler is not shy about expressing his opinion about all matters political, economic, and medical. Perhaps he would do us the favor of presenting his credentials to speak on these matters.

Enough Already

Most masks being worn are useless and only keep the public scared. If this were not true, there would be mandatory standards but any fashionable thin rag over your face will do. In addition, one-way traffic in stores is gone because this too was an overreaction. More silly things will slowly disappear as time goes on. People understand this now but continue to comply so as not to become a target for the mask police. There will always be the chicken little types but the vast majority of people know they have played us for the politics angle and it WAS successful. Short of a big honking cough or sneeze masks are ineffective.


YOU ARE WRONG - WRONG- WRONG- I Say again WRONG - I hope maybe when you need surgery someday that you remind everyone in the operating room of your miss guided and incorrect opinion


Mr. Wheeler (EA) is certainly not the picture of health. If he gets a big enough dose of this virus, he'll be screaming enough already.

Providing of course he's able to breathe.

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