U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. is a fountain of misinformation (i.e., her comment about “the three chambers of Congress”) and really is the gift that keeps on giving to the Republican Party because she keeps driving her party further and further to the left virtually every time she talks.

Ocasio-Cortez literally can’t help herself when she speaks.

Last week, she appointed herself an ambassador of the United States, apologizing to immigrants on “behalf of the United States of America” for the country’s “dehumanizing policies.”

“I’d like to apologize to you on behalf of the United States of America for the dehumanizing policies that they are pursuing, that are frankly targeting you, and targeting many people in the United States,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

These words are reminiscent of then-President Barack Obama, who went on an apology tour across the nation after he succeeded former President George W. Bush. Our country, while not perfect, has long been a force for good and many, including this newspaper, believed Obama weak for focusing on our flaws.

Ocasio-Cortez made similar comments during ex-Immigration and Customs Enforcement boss Tom Homan’s testimony, when the immigration official slammed her “hatred” toward law enforcement.

Homan shot right back at this rabble-rouser when he said, “In my 34 years, I’ve never seen such hate toward a law enforcement agency in my life that you want to abolish them rather than do your job and legislate.”

Homan is right on target in his response to Ocasio-Cortez. She is very hostile toward and seemingly uninterested in the law enforcement community, which includes ICE, and shows more loyalty to those who continue to break our laws on a daily basis by entering our country illegally.

ICE and Border Patrol agents are simply doing their jobs, which is to keep illegal immigrants out of our country, detain the ones they catch – including those who have committed crimes – and sending them back to their countries of origin.

We truly do believe this rookie congresswoman hates law enforcement. Her rhetoric toward it is evidence of that. She really is a poor excuse for a congresswoman who doesn’t even know what she doesn’t know.

Our message to the congresswoman: On a daily basis, you are guarded by law enforcement, which you have disdain for, which makes you a hypocrite. Furthermore, the next time you want to spout off at the mouth and go on an apology tour, why not think about the very dangerous job that ICE, border agents and law enforcement perform on a daily basis? Some of these brave men and women never come home to their families because of the dangerous nature of their jobs.

If law enforcement is targeting anyone, it is the people who break our laws, including those who enter our country illegally.


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Republicans scream constantly about how America needs to support LAW Enforcement, but then the GOP breaks their promises to officers constantly. Republicans scream that America needs to support our Military and Veterans. Trump openly disrespects the Military and Vets, mocking them, the GOP laps that up like dogs even allowing Trump to steal billions from Military projects for his fake immigrant "problem" he manufactured. And Bowling Green pays the price even now with WKU shutting down so many programs and losing professors because Trump's policies block hard working foreign students from attending.What's going to happen to the City when WKU closes down taking half the population? Most STRIKING though is the Daily News targeting a Latino Woman, showing their RACISM and SEXISM.

Enough Already

What's really striking is is your display of stupidity. You communist whack jobs never disappoint...

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