Only one day after the last U.S. military plane exited the Kabul airport, President Joe Biden did a victory lap as he proclaimed our exit from Afghanistan an “extraordinary success.”

“No nation has ever done anything like it in all history,” said Biden, who appears to have no knowledge of what happened at Dunkirk in World War II. The mostly small boats that successfully evacuated British and French troops trapped on the beach there were subject to continuous attack by German aircraft. Several hundred thousand were brought out safely.

Is Biden in a state of delirium?

All Americans should be thankful that more than 5,000 of our fellow citizens are safely out of Afghanistan, but how can you possibly call this debacle, brought about primarily by Biden’s poor decisions, an outstanding success as long as there is even one American left behind in an extremely dangerous environment.

Just weeks ago, in an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Biden assured him that American troops would stay until every American citizen was out of the country. Days later, we witnessed the embarrassment of watching our commander-in-chief meekly submitting to a deadline demanded by the Taliban terrorists.

Our military has long had a code that no one will be left behind. It has to be painful for them to realize their commander-in-chief does not possess the same respect for duty and honor they display.

Walk away Joe.

We have learned the Biden administration is sensitive to the word stranded to apply to Americans and Afghan allies left behind in that country. We don’t care for that word, either, and believe the word abandoned better describes the sad reality we have witnessed.

From the time this debacle began, our commander has exhibited indifference and poor communication with those he governs.

Early on, we waited several days for the president to return from vacation to discuss this crisis. In subsequent addresses he either answered no questions at all from the media or a bare minimum. The image of the president’s back quickly exiting the room after addressing the American people will remain in people’s memories when they think of him.

Walk away Joe.

They will recall his lack of empathy and compassion as well on full display at the solemn ceremony at Dover Air Force Base as the bodies of 13 American troops were brought home. Our president dishonored their sacrifice by frequently looking at his watch. His watch should serve as a grim reminder that time is quickly running out for our Afghan allies to whom our country made commitments. They will be hunted down and slaughtered. Likely this is already happening.

A recent poll indicated that 86% believed that we should not leave until all Americans were out. And 71% believed we should not leave until all Americans and our Afghan allies were out.

The poll results should give hope to all those who despair after watching the humiliation inflicted on our country by our president. It shows Americans are better than this.

The real strength of this country is its people, who are serious about duty, honor and keeping our promises.

A bright spot amidst all the chaos of the evacuation was efforts of private citizens who were frustrated by an evacuation they correctly viewed as inadequate. They improvised, worked outside the system and networked with contacts on the ground, in government and at Kabul airport. In the process, they rescued hundreds who were in mortal danger. Their efforts represent America at its best.

If only our weak president and the political generals and yes men who surround him possessed the same strength as everyday Americans including those in our military.

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