Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has had a serious sexual assault accusation leveled at him in the past month that has been corroborated by several people, yet the candidate remained silent until Friday morning, when – amid growing pressure within Democratic circles – he finally spoke directly and denied the claims of former staff assistant Tara Reade.

Biden’s deputy campaign manager, Kate Bedingfield, had said an allegation by Reade, who served in Biden’s Senate office in 1993, is untrue. But until Friday, Biden himself had not said a word about it since the New York Times published a story on Reade’s allegation in early April.

Reade alleges that as a staffer for Biden, he pinned her against a wall, reached under her skirt and pushed his fingers inside her. When she resisted, Biden appeared annoyed and said, “Come on, man, I heard you liked me.” Reade said when she pulled away, anger kind of emanated from Biden. She said, “He pointed his finger in my face and said, ‘You’re nothing to me. You’re nothing.’ ” She said that after telling her supervisors in the office that she had been sexually harassed by Biden, she was ostracized and ultimately fired.

These are serious claims, and one has to wonder – if they are, in fact, true – why her supervisors would treat a victim as they did by firing her.

Several people have come forward to say that Reade told them of the alleged encounter at the time.

Lynda LaCasse, a Biden supporter, was Reade’s neighbor in the mid-1990s and said Reade told her about how Biden allegedly put her up against a wall, put his fingers in her skirt and put his fingers inside her. LaCasse said Reade told her how she felt like she was assaulted but she did not feel there was anything she could do. She said Reade cried as she talked.

Reade’s brother, Collin Moutlon, said he recalls Reade telling him in the 1990s that Biden cornered her and put his hands under her clothes while kissing her.

Reade’s mother, Jeanette Altinus, has told interviewers that Reade confided in her at the time of the alleged assault. Altinus died in 2016, but Reade recalled that her mother called CNN’s “Larry King Live” and anonymously described trouble her daughter had had with a senator. The Intercept unearthed the 1993 video clip, in which an unnamed woman from San Luis Obispo, Calif., told King that her daughter just left Washington “after working for a prominent senator and could not get through with her problems at all, and the only thing she could have done was go to the press, and she chose not to do it out of respect for him.” Reade told the Intercept the voice on the call was her mother’s.

This obviously has the Biden camp very worried, despite strong denials the campaign has issued to various media outlets. According to reports, Biden aides are taking Reade “seriously enough behind the scenes to coordinate messaging among other Democrats to try to cast the matter as one that’s been thoroughly vetted and determined to be unfounded.” It’s also odd that the Biden campaign apparently urged the New York Times to change some of the language used in its story. To his credit, New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet defended his paper’s reporting on the Biden accuser.

In light of the Biden camp trying to coordinate messaging among Democrats, attempting to change the language in a news story and Biden’s continued silence, it is not unreasonable to come to the potential conclusion that there is something to Reade’s story.

While we understand that news organizations must devote a great deal of their time and resources lately to COVID-19 coverage, it is disappointing that some news outlets – such as MSNBC and others – are not giving the air time that these most serious allegations deserve. Overall, the media coverage of Reade’s allegations has been noticeably muted compared to its handling of claims against other high-profile political figures, such as Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

This is quite unfortunate and shows bias in who certain networks choose to attack, such as Kavanaugh, and who they favor, such as Biden. Go back and look at the Kavanaugh hearings to see the viciousness of some media outlets toward him.

More concerning, however, is the silence on Reade’s claims by senators who persecuted Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings. Several hypocritical Democratic senators support Biden for president now but didn’t hold back in their condemnation of Kavanugh and in their calls for accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s claims to be fully investigated.

Following the Kavanaugh hearings, when he was a victim of vicious character assassination, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., said in a floor speech in opposing Kavanaugh’s confirmation on Oct. 4, 2018, “Republicans are playing politics with the Supreme Court, and they are willing to step on anyone – including the victim of a vicious sexual assault – in order to advance their agenda.” Warren, an attorney by trade, made the claims that Ford was a victim of a vicious sexual assault based on hearsay, innuendo and no corroborating witness.

A report on Fox News’ website said the network reached out to Warren for comment multiple times on the Reade allegations. As of Wednesday, she had not responded. Fox News was also unable to find any public comments from Warren on the Reade allegation, which broke more than a month ago.

Warren’s silence clearly shows a person who believes alleged sexual assault victims only if their claims can be used to her party’s advantage, but not alleged sexual assault victims whose stories have been corroborated by several people, unlike Ford’s.

In a Sept. 26, 2018, floor speech opposing Kavanaugh’s confirmation, U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, N.Y., said, “I believe Dr. Blasey Ford. Here’s why I believe her: She’s risked everything – her own safety – to come out on the record to say Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her. She told her therapist and her husband about it five years ago. She told a friend about it a year ago. She told a reporter about it before Kavanaugh was ever named. She’s even taken a lie detector test. So why are my colleagues moving so fast – as fast as they possibly can – to confirm this judge?”

Again, Ford had no corroborators, Reade has several. Mrs. Gillibrand, we would submit to you that Reade has risked everything, even her own safety, to come on the record to say Biden sexually assaulted her.

Gillibrand responded to a reporter’s question several days ago about whether there is a “contradiction” in how Democrats have handled the Biden allegations versus the Kavanaugh allegations. “No, and I stand by Vice President Biden,” she said. “He has devoted his life to supporting women and he has vehemently denied this allegation.”

Of course, there is a clear contradiction. But once again, Gillibrand, like Warren, only supports women who claim they were victims of sexual assault at the hands of the powerful if it benefits the Democratic Party.

As a people, shouldn’t we put politics aside when it comes to a potential legitimate sexual assault allegations that are corroborated by several people?

We certainly think so.

One final contradiction comes from U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H. In an Oct. 6, 2018, floor speech opposing Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Shaheen said, “Her, Dr. Ford’s, testimony in front of the Judiciary Committee was sincere and credible, and I believe her. ... Dr. Ford’s bravery has given so many women in this country the courage to tell their stories. She gave others courage and we have seen an outpouring from survivors who now feel like they too can come forward. … These wounds are real. The wounds are raw. And it is incumbent on all of us in this body, regardless of where you stand on Brett Kavanaugh; it’s incumbent on all of us to not deepen those scars by diminishing the pain of these women as political theatre. This is not political theater, and it should not be viewed through a partisan lens.”

As with Warren, the same Fox News report said Shaheen has neither responded to the network’s request for comment nor made any public statements about the allegation.

Again, why the continued silence from members of Biden’s party, especially from these senators who unfairly and shamefully crucified Kavanaugh and his family during his confirmation hearings?

U.S. Sens. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., and Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn. – both potential vice presidential selections – have praised Biden when asked about Reade’s allegations in recent interviews.

These two senators also crucified Kavanugh and were involved in character assassination in his confirmation hearings. Once again, they believed Ford’s story but don’t believe Reade’s story that has been corroborated by several, and they’re praising Biden. Shouldn’t they take Reade’s allegations seriously like they did Ford’s? One would think so, but again it doesn’t benefit them or their party to actually speak out for someone who might have actually been sexually assaulted by a man they’re praising.

It’s a total double standard on their parts, as well as among some cable networks, and a contradiction, especially from the party that thrived on the #MeToo movement.

As the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Biden is not off limits and is fair game for the media to ask hard questions about these most serious allegations.

On Friday, Biden finally released a statement strongly denying Reade’s allegations, then repeated his denials in an appearance on the MSNBC show “Morning Joe.” He said he will ask the National Archives to determine whether there is any record of a complaint being filed by Reade.

To her credit, “Morning Joe” cohost Mika Brzezinski pressed Biden on how his denial of Reade’s claims can coexist with his comments during the Kavanaugh situation, when he said of Ford: “In the glaring light of focus, nationally, you’ve got to start off with the presumption that at least the essence of what she’s talking about is real.”

“What I said during the Kavanaugh hearings was that she had a right to be heard,” Biden responded Friday while appearing somewhat flustered. “The fact that she came forward, the presumption would be that she was telling the truth unless she wasn’t telling the truth.”

Brzezinski also pushed Biden to release records from his University of Delaware archives that might pertain to Reade. In an awkward exchange that followed, Biden ultimately seemed to reject the idea of doing that.

Reade had the courage to take her allegations public, as did those corroborating her story, and we are proud of her and of them for doing so. Considering he had weeks to prepare a response, Biden’s performance Friday was shaky, to say the least, and likely did little to ease the concerns of voters who have followed Reade’s allegations.

We appreciate that Biden finally showed some courage himself and responded directly to Reade’s claims, but this issue clearly will linger for months and warrants further investigation and press coverage. We certainly hope it begins to receive the attention it deserves.

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The Democrats are nothing if not Double Standards! Do as we say, Not as we do. Before Hillary Clinton's Massive Defeat in '16, she was saying if Trump lost he wouldn't go along with the outcome of the election, She hasn't stoped crowing over her Loss since then, blaming everyone but herself. And what about the democrats themselves, spending everyday trying to remove an Elected President! And then there is this, as soon as there was an unsubstantiated accusation towards Brett Kavanaugh it was an all out War against him and it was BELIEVE ALL WOMEN, BELIEVE HER .... Now that its one of their own, with much more Credible evidence, like Tara Reades mother calling into CNN way back then and now that video being removed from the records, its all about Due Process and don't Believe ALL women.

The Democrats are Hypocrites & Liars and most of all POWER HUNGRY!

Enough Already


Democrats are liars and hypocrites and most of them are evil.


the REAL double standard is having a known sexual predator is office and everyone seems to be okay with that fact. So ... he set a new standard for politicians in office. Sexual harassment? No problem!

Enough Already

The difference here is Trump admitted it and said he regretted it. Lying Joe is still lying and all the democrats are presenting a united front, endorsing him for president and refusing to believe the woman, all this after they crucified Kavanugh with no evidence under their "believe all women" motto. The lying media piled on Kavanaugh also, but they are barely covering lying Joe. Hypocrites and liars are democrats and their propaganda arm, the MSM.


What in the hell are you smoking? Admitted, and said that he regretted the words, not the acts. Big difference there. But, then again, when it comes to Lying and being a hypocrite you are right up there with the best/worst of them. Lying Liars gotta Lie though don't they? If it weren't for coming on here and posting your disinformation campaigns, you'd spend way too much time eating crayons, chased with lead paint chips, while studying the latest conspiracy theories as if there were some global cabal bent on world domination and the only ones standing in the way of their plans are Trump and his team of hyper aware super truth morons.

Mutually shared delusions are still delusions.

Enough Already

Hi dofus.

The point remains he owned up to it. He could have lied like lying Biden and continue to deny everything but he didn't. Biden will continue to lie as long as his democrat enablers keep supporting him. Big difference.

I'm looking for a crack in his united democrat wall where someone changes their mind or outright says they believe the woman, (You know like good democrats do) then they will all fold and throw lying Joe under the bus. I admit this may be a long shot because democrats rarely eat their own but they all know Joe is expendable and not capable of doing the job. There is no way this clown will be the nominee by November, unless he picks a VP that can take over for him. Its all he can do to remember to breath much less run the country, He does make perfect sense as a candidate you can vote for though. He is as close to that bag of dog turds you are hopping for as you are likely to get.


He owned up to the actual sexual assault? Is that what you are saying?

Enough Already

A little clarity here.

Who are you referring too, there were many accusations.


You were replying to dkskd001a when you said "The difference here is Trump admitted it and said he regretted it." The only thing that Trump has admittedly regretted is the language he used (not the act of having (allegedly) done so) after he was caught on a hot mic talking about grabbing women by the genitals.

You threw on your cult crusader cape and tried to spin the narrative by saying that he (Trump) 'owned up to' sexually assaulting women, which is a demonstrably false claim. That you even have to ask "A little clarity here. Who are you referring too, there were many accusations" should have been a red flag moment for you, but no, you must defend dear leader against any and all accusations. Hence the double standard hypocrisy. You are admitting that if my guy does it, it's no big deal, or MSM hysteria/FAKE NEWS, or someones just trying to bring down the president, or, it never happened, or, insert whatever vacuous excuse one can pull out of their a$$ to deflect from the matter at hand. No dice here chief.

And then you have the audacity to say; "He (Trump) could have lied like lying Biden and continue to deny everything but he didn't." When yes, he (Trump) did deny all charges of sexual misconduct and told Biden to do the same thing. To quote Trump; "I would just say to Joe Biden, ‘Just go out and fight it."

Biden at least had the scruples to say; "Women who come forward deserve to start off with the presumption that they are telling the truth... I’m not going to attack her... women should be heard, not silenced.” All of which makes him, or as I've said, a sack of dog turds, a better fit for the presidency than the entirely undeserving, inept, habitually lying, cognitively deficient, morally vacant, current occupant of the White House.

You may leave your admittance of erratum and apology below, and you are most welcome for the lesson in the difference between a cultists views (yours/fellow Trumpists) and those of critical thinkers who follow the evidence regardless of where it leads.

Good evening Goofy.

Enough Already

Good morning dofus. I trust you slept well.

I just wanted to know what you were referring to, not get a lecture on what you think I’m thinking. Trump admitted to the remark and said it was Locker room talk and he was not proud of it. The rest of your rant is an attempt to suggest that an actual event took place.

We both know that because of his past support of the lying women from the Kavanagh hearings that Biden has to at the very least say “investigate the accusations” against him to not appear more of a hypocrite than he is, but he flat out denies it ever happened. He is trying to save face while the liars in the democrat part circle the wagons around him.

Biden is not very smart. He is way too stupid to be president and even Osama Bin Laden recognized this as he was looking for an opportunity to assassinate Obama so Biden would become president. He told his fellow terrorists to leave Biden alone because if he were to become president he would throw the country into a crisis. Your intention to vote for Biden or a bag of dog turds, (whichever comes first) is on record so it is not surprising you are a democrat.

Biden has a past of groping women and children on camera and now others are coming forth telling about what he has said or done to them. This may be just the beginning because he has been a lifelong serial pervert but he did much of it on camera so he could feign a misunderstanding about what he was actually doing.

Now he is a senile old pervert who you and other brain dead democrats want to give authority over the nuclear codes to. This sounds like a typically insane democrat plan to run the country. No one is surprised…


Your reading comprehension has not improved at all. I left behind no trace of ambiguity throughout this section. You could have saved yourself some time by just admitting you were wrong, because it is patently true that you were.

The remainder of your reply is mere projection, conspiratorial silliness, and attempted deflection. The operational fail-safes of the cultist mindset.

Good Day Goofy

Enough Already

Hi dofus.

On the contrary, you continue to be in denial and of course feel compelled to defend the indefensible.

I wish you continued dreams of fantasy...

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