Then-President Donald Trump caught a lot of flak from the mainstream media for not being transparent on an array of issues.

But we believe Trump was a very accessible and transparent president, especially when it came to giving the media access to our southern border. We will never forget how the mainstream media jumped all over Trump after visiting the border and blamed him for keeping detainees in cages.

Had they done their homework, the media would have learned that these cages were built and utilized during the Obama-Biden administration. Instead, they ended up with egg on their face.

It was shoddy journalism at its worst.

For months now, we have watched a crisis of unprecedented proportions at our southern border under the Biden’s administration’s watch. Caravans of thousands upon thousands of illegals are coming across our border from Mexico and central America.

Yes, we called it a crisis because that’s exactly what it is. Unfortunately, the Biden administration won’t admit the obvious fact reflected in the numbers and images Americans are seeing on TV.

Listening to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, one would think everything is just peachy at our border and there is no crisis there.

On this particular situation, she reminds us of “Baghdad Bob,” former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s information minister, who famously said during the invasion of Iraq that the Americans were nowhere near Baghdad when TV cameras showed video of U.S. Abrams tanks sitting on the tarmac of the main airport in that city.

Biden campaigned on bringing transparency back to the White House. We believe his administration is doing a pretty poor job of being transparent, especially when it pertains to the border, not to mention our commander in chief being accessible to the media.

The Biden administration is not allowing the media to see the children being held in cages because they must know that they’ve handled this poorly and it truly is a crisis.

Of course, they will never admit this, but we believe most Americans are smart enough to see that what is happening at our southern border is in fact a crisis.

Why the lack of transparency you promised, President Biden?

Biden obviously doesn’t want Americans to see the crisis that he created through his words and actions such as restarting catch and release, promising amnesty and welcoming those who defy our laws to come into our country. Biden also doesn’t want the media there to see the children essentially on top of one another in blankets in cages that his former boss Obama ordered built.

The media have every right to be at our southern border. We commend U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and 17 other U.S. senators who went to a facility in Donna, Texas, and provided the country with very telling photos of what is actually occurring there. Cruz and his colleagues get it. They realize that the country has a right to see and know what Biden has caused.

Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, made a very weak attempt to spin this last week when he said, “The administration has a commitment to transparency to make sure that the news media gets the chance to report on every aspect of what’s happening at the border.”

Nice try Mr. Sullivan, but your boss’ lack of action and blatant lack of transparency on this issue and others prove otherwise.

There are also reports that many of those who are defying our immigration laws aren’t being required to wear masks and aren’t being tested for COVID-19 upon illegal entry into our country.

This is very ironic, considering we have a president who tells American citizens we need to wear masks and follow CDC guidelines but doesn’t require those breaking the law coming into our country illegally to do so.

Biden needs to allow the media in these camps, allow more transparency and follow the oath of office he took Jan. 20 to defend the Constitution, Article II, Section 2, which requires defending our borders against invasion.

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