Former vice president and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has a reputation for making comments that don’t paint him in the best light.

This could be the reason some people refer to him as “Loose Lips Biden.”

In 2006, as Biden was gearing up to seek the Democratic presidential nomination, the then-U.S. senator from Delaware was asked by a reporter how a Northeast liberal would fare against Southerners such as Mark Warner or John Edwards in states such as South Carolina. Biden responded by saying, “Better than anybody else. You don’t know my state,” he said. “My state was a slave state. My state is a border state. My state has the eighth-largest black population in the country. My state is anything from a Northeast liberal state.”

This was a very odd statement. He was bragging about his state being a slave state. We don’t believe that this is something that anyone should brag about, especially someone running for president of the United States.

Another odd and highly offensive remark that has surfaced finds Biden repeatedly saying back in 1987 while running for president that he had marched alongside civil rights marchers during the 1960s.

During that time on the campaign stump, Biden said, “When I marched in the civil rights movement, I did not march with a 12-point program” in front of a New Hampshire audience. “I marched with tens of thousands of others to change attitudes. And we changed attitudes.”

More than once, advisers had gently reminded Biden of the problem with this formulation: He had not actually marched during the civil rights movement. And more than once, Biden assured them he understood – and kept telling the story anyway.

This is very telling about the man. He knew he had not, in fact, participated in civil rights marches, but told the audiences he did in order to advance his political ambitions. This is very disingenuous, to say the least.

It’s also a slap in the face to the thousands upon thousands of people, black and white, who participated in civil rights marches in the 1960s. It’s insulting to those who were killed and to those who were injured, people like U.S. Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., who was badly beaten by Alabama state troopers when he was involved in the march from Selma to Montgomery in 1965.

Biden’s lie that he participated in the civil rights movement is similar to the lie that U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., often repeated on the stump about his service in Vietnam. It turned out Blumenthal never served in Vietnam. He knew he didn’t serve in Vietnam, but he kept telling potential voters that he did.

Lies such as these are hurtful to those who marched for civil rights and to those who fought and died in Vietnam.

Biden, who wants to be our next president, owes those who actually did participate in the civil rights movement an explanation and an immediate apology for attempting to steal their sacrifices.


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