Convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, whose heinous act of terrorism in 2013 resulted in the deaths of three people and the wounding of more than 250 others, now apparently feels that he deserves a payment of $250,000 from the federal government because his white baseball cap and a bandana were taken away from him – and because he’s been limited to three showers a week – at the supermax prison where he is serving a life sentence.

Tsarnaev, 26, presumably will not receive any of the relief he seeks in a handwritten lawsuit he filed last week in federal court, nor is he likely to receive much public sympathy for the exceedingly minor indignities he claims to be experiencing inside Federal Correctional Complex-Florence in Colorado.

The safe assumption is that his absurd lawsuit will be summarily rejected as quickly as possible from the federal court system.

Still, Tsarnaev’s pathetic attempt is a distressing glimpse into the mindset of one of America’s most notorious terrorists. According to CBS News, Tsarnaev, now 26, bought the white cap and bandanna from the prison’s commissary, but it was later confiscated by prison officials. The problem, according to Tsarnaev’s lawsuit, is that “by wearing it, I was ‘disrespecting’ the FBI and the victims” of the bombing at the finish line of the marathon.

That seems like a reasonable call by prison officials, especially considering that before his arrest, Tsarnaev was seen in surveillance video from the scene wearing a white hat. In fact, law enforcement referred to him as “White Hat,” since at the time it was the main identifying characteristic in the video images. It does not seem like much of a leap for prison administration to determine that his purchase of a white hat could be interpreted as a form of taunting.

But even if that wasn’t Tsarnaev’s intention, why would he expect anyone to care that his hat was taken away? The gall it takes to ask for even a single cent from the government after his conviction in the deaths and injuries of so many people demonstrates, at the very least, an utter detachment from reality, and can easily be perceived as a lack of remorse for his actions.

Tsarnaev obviously has the right to file whatever lawsuits he wishes, no matter how ridiculous, but our hope is that he gets the message after this filing is thrown out of the courts. We, like virtually all Americans, would prefer to never hear another peep out of this terrorist for the rest of his life. Instead, he should spend his days reflecting on his crimes and hopefully coming to the realization that our society owes him exactly nothing.

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Enough Already

I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss this lawsuit. Democrats are going to be in charge and they may very well decide to give him that 250 as a reparation payment and release him because COVID may take his life. Never say never now that the communists are poised to takeover.


Thank you!!!!

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