In life, some parents go through rough patches and fall prey to alcohol and substance abuse. In doing so, they often lose custody of their children, sometimes permanently and other times temporarily.

This doesn’t mean these parents are bad people. It could mean they chose a bad path due to an array of reasons that possibly put them in jail or recovery programs.

Just because these parents are in jail or recovery programs doesn’t mean they shouldn’t still have some sort of communication with their children, unless they are in jail for physically abusing their children, which we think should disqualify them from communicating with them.

One such partnership that we wholeheartedly support is being offered through Hope House Ministries and the JPR Group of financial advisers for Baird, which will place new books into the hands of children each month through United Way’s Dolly Parton Imagination Library.

Through the project, the firm will provide age-appropriate books to the children of men in the Hope House’s drug recovery program. At least 40 children will receive books through the program. They will be delivered directly to Hope House Ministries but ultimately sent home to kids.

Shawn Perry, director of the local Baird-affiliated wealth management firm, put it best when he said: “I saw that as a great opportunity to allow these men that are in a tough situation to do something for their children that they may not be able to do, and hopefully begin to restore broken relationships.”

We believe this is a great opportunity for fathers who are at Hope House to restore ties with their children. Not only will it help restore ties with their children, but each book offered through the Imagination Library is developmentally appropriate for each child and tackles different topics such as kindergarten and readiness.

This partnership, in our view, is a wonderful way for fathers who are going through recovery to restore ties with their children.

We applaud Hope House Ministries and the JPR Group of financial advisers of Baird for initiating it.


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