The humanitarian crisis that we have witnessed on our southern border for the past nine months is exactly what President Joe Biden wanted to happen.

Make no mistake, this is all being done by design.

Border arrests have already reached their highest level since 2000 and are on track to hit 1.8 million this year. And these arrests are just a partial snapshot of the situation, as many others are crossing our borders undetected.

This is all happening on Biden’s watch, and he owns it since he is openly allowing it to happen. In doing so he has betrayed his oath of office, which calls for defending this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. Can we characterize someone who enters this country contrary to our laws as friendly?

The bottom line is that Biden is our commander-in-chief and is letting this illegal activity happen without attempting to stop it. Not once has he visited the border as he or his advisers realize how bad the optics of this invasion would look with full press coverage.

Biden did send his appointed border czar, Vice President Kamala Harris, to El Paso, Texas, in June for a photo op, but the problem with Harris’ visit – as many critics noted – is that the city is too far removed from the epicenter of the border crossings that are creating a strain on federal and state border resources.

Even some Democrats and progressive activists in the Rio Grande Valley expressed disappointment that Harris visited El Paso, presumably because the optics there were less disturbing.

U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, a Texas Democrat who had urged Harris to go to the border, said El Paso is “politically safer to go to than the Rio Grande Valley, where you can see unaccompanied kids, family units, and where you get most of the single adults that are coming in.”

As this editorial is being written, there are more than 10,000 Haitian migrants who have crossed the Rio Grande and are waiting under a main thoroughfare bridge there to gain entry into our country.

Again, this is a humanitarian crisis that we believe was done by design in the Biden administration in an effort to eventually gain more votes from those who defy our laws.

There have been widespread reports that many of these illegal immigrants who we are letting into our country from nations with low vaccination rates are infected with COVID-19. The U.S. Border Patrol doesn’t have adequate time or personnel to test them, which means they are being sent all across the country and endangering others.

How do you reconcile this with Biden’s mandate that will require millions of unvaccinated Americans to receive the shots?

It’s a double standard and shows an administration that is so out of touch with mainstream America. Undoubtably, it will make many people who are already vaccine hesitant even more reluctant to be vaccinated.

Of course Biden won’t visit the border. He and his advisers know the optics would look horrible, but behind the scenes you would have to conclude they like what is happening at our southern border because they are doing nothing to stop the bleeding.

It’s outrageous what’s happening and shows what a weak “leader” we have in the Oval Office. Former President Donald Trump got it when it came to the border. He took his oath to protect and defend seriously and backed it up with actions that cut illegal border crossings dramatically.

Sadly, the same can’t be said about the current occupant in the White House, which raises real questions about his fitness for the office and the implications for the future of our country.

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