It’s a really sad sight in this country when store owners are forced to board up their businesses before Election Day in fear that people will destroy their private property because they don’t like the election outcome.

This is not only sad for the business owners who have to waste money on plywood and materials boarding up their shops, but bad for our nation because in a democracy we are supposed to respect and accept the outcomes of elections peacefully without destruction and chaos in our streets.

When former President George W. Bush won the presidency after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in his favor and after his reelection, we saw angry people in the streets but didn’t see rioting, looting and businesses burning. When former President Barack Obama won election and reelection, you didn’t see people boarding up their businesses and rioting in the streets.

Sure, millions of people who voted for their opponents probably didn’t like the outcome, but they expressed their disappointment in interviews and moved on.

This election is different. Major media outlets have called the race for president for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. But President Donald Trump hasn’t conceded, citing what he and some in his administration say is massive voting fraud. Trump’s lawyers have filed legal challenges in several key battleground states, and the judicial system is the way political disputes are resolved in our democracy.

This is his right, especially in states that are extremely close. If the shoe was on the other foot, we would expect Biden would do the same.

Biden has said many times that every vote should be counted, and any challenges should play out in the courts.

This brings us back to the matter of business owners having to board up their businesses. In recent days, store owners took the plywood off their storefronts and reopened their businesses.

This is very telling. You didn’t see their buildings getting set afire or vandalized after it was announced that Biden was called president-elect. Trump’s supporters weren’t the issue with these business owners boarding up, but their issue and concerns were elements of the radical-left causing chaos and destruction to their businesses.

We say elements because we believe the vast majority of Democrats in this country who voted for Biden wouldn’t engage in this type of behavior or condone it.

These radical leftists are the same people we have watched all summer and into this fall burning businesses, running out of stores with TVs, liquor, shoes, grocery carts full of stolen items and much more.

They are not representative of the Democratic Party. They are a bunch of criminals who really don’t care about the election results but use it as an excuse to burn businesses, steal and cause destruction, usually under the cover of darkness with their faces concealed.

Again, it’s a real shame that business owners had to go through this because many of those who would have done the vandalizing were more interested in looting or bringing down our form of government than the election outcome.

We live in the best country in the world. As Americans, we should all be above anarchy because we don’t like the results of an election. We’re glad these businesses weren’t harmed, but again it can’t be stressed enough that they shouldn’t have had to board up their businesses to begin with.

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Continually labelling the opposing political party as "radical" is right out a dictator's handbook for dividing our nation. If anything, the Republican party has been radical in denying a sitting president a nomination for SCOTUS, as well as a Senate majority leader who refuses to accept Democratic proposals for discussion. Apparently, your version of democracy is quite different from my own. Additionally, if you cannot heed the advice of experts who know incredibly more than yourself regarding the management of the virus and would prefer to criticize the Democrats, then you are horribly misinformed.

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