California Gov. Gavin Newsom has the sad distinction of being the leader of one of the most out-of-touch states in the Union.

The Democratic governor has shown through his comments and actions just how out of touch he is with most of the rest of our country. Time after time, he has defied the oath he took on inauguration day to adhere to and enforce the laws under his state’s Constitution and the U.S. Constitution.

He allows people to not only come into his state illegally from neighboring Mexico, but he also offers them protection in his sanctuary cities that are illegal in this country.

Newsom looks at the world much differently than most Americans. He believes government is the answer to all of our problems. He can’t relate to people in middle America because he incorrectly believes he is superior to them. He’s a huge tax and spender and a big supporter of many social issues that most Americans reject. There’s a big reason people are fleeing his state, and that’s because of his far-left ideology and policies.

Not only is Newsom an out-of-touch politician, he is also a mean-spirited person who clearly doesn’t care who he offends through his hateful rhetoric.

Despite calls from Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for unity while the election is being decided, Newsom couldn’t help himself recently on Twitter when he called Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., an “invertebrate.” Newsom linked to a CNN article with the headline: “McConnell declines to respond to a question about whether Biden should receive classified briefings.” Newsom provided the definition of an invertebrate and included examples such as “jellyfish, corals, slugs, snails, octopuses,” and he said McConnell was also an animal lacking a backbone.

These comments from this left-wing blowhard are simply reprehensible. Newsom only wishes he was a skilled politician and gentleman like McConnell.

Newsom should let the words he used about McConnell apply to himself because they describe him perfectly. Newsom is the one who has defied state and federal laws after swearing to uphold those laws. He’s the real hypocrite. Spineless people like him openly allow illegal aliens into their state, provide them sanctuary, promote free health care and other benefits to them on the taxpayers’ dime that put a financial strain on people in his state and others.

McConnell, on the other hand, has shown time and time again that he does have a backbone, and a very strong one at that. While Newsom is blowing hateful rhetoric, McConnell is getting things done. His long record of accomplishments is too long to list here. Since 2015, McConnell has secured more than $17.5 billion for critical Kentucky projects. The Senate majority leader has also delivered considerable money to Kentucky and Bowling Green and Warren County under the CARES Act, which was a result of COVID-19.

Warren County alone has received $62.7 million from the CARES Act thanks to McConnell’s leadership. Among our city’s two biggest employers, Western Kentucky University received $10,636,493 and The Medical Center received $14,200,000. McConnell also secured $4,918,471 for the city of Bowling Green for police and firefighters payroll. McConnell has also been instrumental in securing massive funding for our law enforcement to battle the major opioid epidemic in our state. McConnell has also shown that he is a friend of coal by working to repeal regulations against coal miners. He introduced the HELP for Coal Miners Health Care Act, which permanently shored up health care benefits for more than 13,000 retired coal miners in Kentucky.

Under McConnell, the U.S. Senate has fundamentally transformed the federal judiciary by confirming pro-Constitution judges. Additionally, McConnell prioritized the confirmation of a record 30 circuit court judges, including three Kentuckians, in President Donald Trump’s first two years. McConnell also led the confirmations of 53 district court judges, three of whom are Kentuckians. He also stood steadfast when Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh went through grueling confirmations, especially Kavanaugh, to ensure that these two honorable men were confirmed to our highest court. McConnell could’ve easily turned his back on Kavanaugh when things looked iffy for the then-Supreme Court nominee, but he stood strong and showed his toughness to see this very capable man confirmed.

These are some very commendable accomplishments from a true leader, not the accomplishments of someone with no backbone.

Newsom is the invertebrate there. He has no backbone and is merely an out-of-touch governor who has a very thin resume and has done nothing of value for his state.

McConnell is a class act who gets things done for Kentuckians and this country. He’s also a very intelligent man who doesn’t need someone like the likes of Newsom telling him what to do in regard to releasing documents.

Newsom really needs to shut up, worry about his own very troubled state and let the Senate majority leader do the job he was elected to do.

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Mitch McConnell demonstrated his obstructionism directly when he stated to "make Obama a one term president" before he even took office. The extremism is actually coming from the right wing in denying a sitting president to nominate a SCOTUS justice, subsequently appointing an inexperienced ideologically biased Barrett who is not in sync with most Americans' ideals. Your demonization of the Democratic party is that of one who has selfish beliefs and possibly affected by propagandistic news outlets.

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