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Keep making those requests for public documents!


The Daily News serves a valuable public service and has been particularly diligent in attempting to get the facts of this complicated issue out to the public. Our elected and appointed "public servants" (city commission, county judge-executive, magistrates, Downtown Economic Development chairman, etc.) have clearly NOT been eager to share those facts with the Daily News, nor the public. I for one appreciate their hard work to get the information and to share it with us - the citizens / voters / taxpayers. It is up to us to consume the information and to make better choices when it comes to elections and to giving feedback to those elected to represent us.


This freedom of the "press" you write of is not specifically referring to "the press" as a business which is involved in the dissemination of news, opinion, or any other information. The Free Press Clause protects the right of individuals to express themselves through publication and dissemination of information, ideas and opinions without interference, restraint or prosecution by the government. It is a fundamental personal right that is not confined to newspapers. So the idea that the Daily News has somehow been conferred a "special status" is wrong. The Daily News should strive to report the news as fairly and factually as possible. As history shows, the Daily News publishes "editorial opinions" that are biased towards the writers personal beliefs and should in no way be portrayed as impartial.

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