A city’s downtown is the heart of its community. That is why Bowling Green is truly fortunate to have a thriving and picturesque downtown.

While the area has seen many changes and ups and downs over the decades, Bowling Green’s downtown has never fallen into the disrepair evident in some communities.

But to keep any area thriving requires investment. That is what we have seen with the completion of an almost $4 million renovation of downtown.

A formal ribbon-cutting last week put a spotlight on the project, which included many facets such as:

  • removing interior turn lanes around Fountain Square Park, allowing for additional parking spaces, an expansion of the park itself and the installation of crosswalks at each corner of the park;
  • totally rebuilding and expanding all the sidewalks around the square;
  • adding new streetlights, fixtures, bike racks, planters and dedicated bike lanes on College and State streets;
  • renovating both Morris and Capitol alleys with new walkways and lighting.

While some of the plantings that will give the project a finished appearance will have to wait until the spring, downtown Bowling Green is certainly an even more attractive destination with the completed projects.

The renovation, which started construction in the spring, was the result of years of planning.

As part of that process, numerous public and stakeholder meetings were held to gather input on designs and priorities.

That process allowed the public to have a say in how downtown will look for decades to come.

Now the city is moving on to phase two of the project, where improvements will extend out from around the square. The goal of the continued project will be to have a uniform look for the entire downtown, from the Western Kentucky University campus to the Barren River.

We applaud the city for the successful – and on budget – completion of phase one of this project.

We believe it has been a wise investment, as a thriving city center helps lure tourists, businesses and new residents to the city. Downtown Bowling Green continues to serve as a cultural and recreational hub for the city.

With the recent renovation of Fountain Square Park, and its namesake fountain, and the downtown renovation this year, Bowling Green truly has a downtown to be proud of.


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Enough Already

Nothing like having 100% of your tax money used to benefit YOUR BUSINESS. What? You don't have a business downtown? It sucks to be you! Now you know the origin of the word SUCKER.

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