In many cases, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s mouth is his own worst enemy as he seeks his party’s nomination to face President Donald Trump in November.

Time after time while on the stump, Biden has made statements that leave some wondering if he is all there or if “that’s just Biden for you.”

Who can forget when Biden didn’t know what part of a weapon the magazine was? He got confused trying to explain it and then in trying to correct himself. Who can forget his repeated telling of a false story about pinning medals on soldiers in a combat zone?

Many can recall him speaking about working with segregationist U.S. senators in the 1970s. Who can forget as well Biden speaking on the stump and referring to his late son, Beau, as being the attorney general of the United States. This was, of course, wrong. Beau Biden was attorney general of Delaware, not of the U.S.

Biden’s list of gaffes goes on and on. Among his latest mistakes were Biden’s repeated comments that he was arrested in South Africa during apartheid while trying to visit Nelson Mandela, who had just been released from prison. Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Andrew Young called Biden out on this and Biden was forced to acknowledge that he was, in fact, not arrested.

And during a recent Democratic debate in South Carolina, Biden made another serious gaffe when he stated that 150 million people have been killed by guns since 2007.

Not only is this statement utterly false, it’s also worth noting that Biden’s math was faulty, because it would mean that in a country of about 330 million people, nearly half of the population had been killed by guns.

In reality, the heavily inflated figure grossly misrepresented gun deaths in America since 2007. From 2007 to 2017, the number of firearm deaths in the U.S. was 373,663. This number includes both violent firearm deaths and unintentional or accidental deaths. Biden’s campaign later acknowledged the candidate’s error and claimed he had intended to say there have been 150,000 people killed by firearm homicides since 2007.

On Monday, after two Democratic presidential candidates, U.S. Sen. Amy Kloubachar, D-Minn. and former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, dropped out of the race, Biden made a speech with two more embarrassing gaffes.

During his campaign rally speech in Houston on Monday, Biden seemingly forgot the well-known words to the Declaration of Independence.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women created by the you know, you know the thing,” he said to a confused audience.

In the same speech, Biden also mistakenly referred to Super Tuesday as Super Thursday.

This man wants to be commander in chief. These gaffes are reminiscent of a man who is confused and often embellishes things that he has to know aren’t true.

If Biden is the eventual nominee, we hope people remember all of these gaffes, calculated distortions and other off-the-wall comments, which suggest he might not be up to the job. This might explain, at least in part, why former President Barack Obama has not yet endorsed his former vice president.


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Enough Already 2

What drivel!

Now, don't get me wrong, I like to read things that are in print, newspapers included, but the Gaines family is doing nothing to make me think that their publication is one of those that should be salvaged. Some of their editorials are asinine, to put it mildly. They should consider that the BG and Warren county demographics are evolving. I do not think that it is out of reason to expect a rebellion from the public in terms of the one sided and blind adherence to conservative ideology, regardless of the stupidity of many of the positions. I have observed the ad count and print pages for a year or so. I believe that the road may get bumpy for the Gaines family in the near future.

Now as to this current feeble attempt at meeting all of the expectations of second rate high school journalism, Steve and the guys are attempting to slam an individual who may garble a few comments, but still shows a knowledge and appreciation for fairness and an ability to possibility present a formidable campaign and defeat the present office holder!

Speaking of the present commander in chief, one could definitely assume that his daily statements and actions "are reminiscent of a man who is confused and often embellishes things that he has to know aren’t true". This curse that the present office holder has brought upon the nation will not last. I think that it would be wise if the BG Daily News would attempt to present an objective and fair presentation on the issues and stay away from this cookie cutter script that the various ultra conservative groups churn up and distribute to the various media outlets that are too lazy or too incompetent to delve into the real facts or issues!

Please try a little originality.

Enough Already

Apparently your childish understanding of an editorial is to parrot your own biased beliefs. You must be thinking of newspapers in totalitarian countries where the government dictates what is printed. I'm sure the Democrat party is in agreement with your take on freedom of the press, but fortunately for our country you closet communists are not in charge. What little influence you have will be even less after November of this year. No sane person cares what you or your ilk think. You could move to Lexington or Louisville where the papers there publish opinions that coincide with your ridiculous political views, but in lieu of that If you don't like the editorial opinions published here, publish your own newspaper. Until then just continue to make your asinine comments as it makes for great comedy relief in an otherwise serious publication...

Enough Already

It is hard to know whether Joe is just a habitual liar or a half wit whose brain is now so deteriorated that he can no longer control the stupidity that exits his mouth. I believe him to be senile to the point he is dangerous to himself as well as the country. Then you have the two lefties below that are defending him and no doubt will vote for him knowing full well that this idiot can launch nuclear weapons if elected. Biden has never accomplished anything in his life other than being elected to national office and now he has become the unwitting standup comedian of the Democrat party. This is funny but at the same time dangerous to the country. This year Democrats have fielded goofballs, crazy old men, and communists. We seem to be left with a crazy old man and a communist neither of which is a good choice for president of the United States. I invite all Democrats who have not completely lost their mind to vote for a candidate that has actually accomplished much before he was president as well as after he was elected, Donald Trump. It's not like you actually have a choice if you love this country.

KAG, vote Trump this fall.


What is truly amazing is that you actually believe that the idiotic things that you are posting aren't altogether and emphatically idiotic.

Enough Already

Says the genius who will vote for Biden...


Have you the gift of prescience now? How could you possibly know who for, or even if, I'll vote at all?

Whereas I could state with a reasonable degree of certainty that you will vote once again for the most unquestionably incompetent person to date to ever make a mockery out of the presidency of the United States.

You sir are the cult member, not me. I have standards predicated on the principals of reason, you have emotional investments ingrained in abject ignorance. Therein you'll discover our differences.

Enough Already

You walk like a duck and quack like a duck and yet you deny being a duck.

Just stop it, nobody likes a lying duck.


And yet you remain the habitual liar...


I'll take a gaffer over a liar any day.

Robin Hood

It is very hard to imagine that some gaffes by Joe Biden would be greater than the endless trail of lies, distortions, and ignorance of science and history, let alone the constitution, spewed forth by Donald Trump on a daily basis There is no comparison. Shame on you!

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