One of the greatest things about our democracy is having the right to cast our votes in elections, and another great part of our democracy is seeing so many people put their hats in the ring to become public servants.

Putting one’s hat in the ring on the local, state or federal level takes a lot of guts. You have to be a thick-skinned person to want to get into politics because certain politicians unfortunately play dirty in campaigns and will personally attack a candidate and in some cases their families.

It’s a job no one on this editorial board would ever want personally, but we respect those who put themselves out there and try their best to become public servants. And if they fall short and don’t win, at least they got a chance to bring fresh ideas to the public’s eye.

It’s always refreshing to see new ideas brought up on ways to improve our city and county. Sure, not all ideas that are brought up during a campaign are good ideas, but that’s what a democracy is all about.

We’ve seen an almost unprecedented number of people jumping into local races this year, mainly the county magistrates races and some in the city commission races.

While not all of these candidates will win the offices that they are seeking, we applaud them for putting themselves out there and being involved in the process. More people getting involved in politics is something that should be welcomed.

We also hope that as we get closer and closer to Election Day that incumbents and candidates try to run on the issues and avoid personal attacks. At the end of the day, races shouldn’t be about negativity, but rather putting forth positive ideas for our community and the best ways to move it forward.

So, having said that, we want to applaud all candidates who have filed to run in this year’s local elections and wish all of them the best of luck.

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