Graduating from high school is a huge milestone in a young person’s life.

Graduates can look forward to life’s endless possibilities and challenges. It’s a feeling of accomplishment after years of learning and study, from the time one enters school through 12th grade.

Our town and surrounding areas have begun to have their high school graduations. They follow higher education graduation ceremonies earlier this month: Warren Central High School held its graduation Friday. South Warren High School, Warren East High School, Greenwood High School, Beacon Academy, GEO International High School and Lighthouse Academy all held their graduations Saturday.

Bowling Green High School seniors have their graduation ceremony today. Graduations have also occurred or are upcoming in surrounding counties.

This is a very exciting time for these graduates. They have their whole futures ahead of them to do what they want. Many will further their education by attending community or technical colleges and universities. Some will begin a trade right after graduation. Some graduates will go into the military. Others may take some time off and decide what they want to do with their lives. The list of possibilities for these graduates is endless.

Whatever one chooses to do after graduation is certainly his or her prerogative. After all, they’ve earned that right.

They should be very proud of their accomplishments while in school, capped off by receiving their diplomas.

These bright young men and women are our future. We have every confidence that they will make us proud in their endeavors after high school.

Graduating from high school is not an end, but a beginning in the next chapter of one’s life. We wish these graduates the best of luck down the road in whatever path they may choose.

Congratulations are most definitely in order to the Class of 2019 for local and area schools.

– This editorial is adapted from a piece previously published in the Daily News.


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