There is something special about Halloween that has caused it to retain its popularity from generation to generation.

Halloween is a fun time, especially for kids.

Temperatures have begun to cool, leaves are showing an array of colors and kids shop with their parents and friends to pick out costumes they want to wear on the day, which this year is Thursday.

Children absolutely love Halloween, and for good reason. Treats, spooks and costumes have their appeal.

Kids can dress up as an action figure, a movie star, a comedian or wear the classic Jason and Michael Myers masks that never seem to get old. While getting ready to head out trick-or-treating, they also can have a grand time watching some of Bowling Green native John Carpenter’s classic horror films such as “Halloween” and all its sequels, “The Fog,” “The Thing” and other scary movies.

While we wish kids in Bowling Green a great Halloween, we also want them to be careful walking door to door. Motorists are cautioned to drive extra slowly on Halloween during trick-or-treating hours. We also urge parents to stick to neighborhoods they know.

Young kids, especially, should always be accompanied by a parent or an adult. It is recommended children wear something bright on the front and back of their costumes so drivers will notice them. Trick-or-treaters should be aware of their surroundings at all times and stay together with their parents or group.

This year, trick-or-treaters are supposed to be off the streets by 7:30 p.m., which is not long after it gets dark. We have argued in the past that we believe the city of Bowling Green should consider a modest extension of these hours. A lot of parents don’t get off work until 5 p.m. or later, and commuting time further narrows the window of opportunity for kids to hunt for treats. That is beyond parents’ control; they should be able to spend a reasonable amount of time with their kids trick-or-treating, and these current hours don’t allow a lot of parents to do that. We hope the city will consider an extension for Halloween next year, even if it’s just for another half-hour. It only seems fair for the kids and their parents.

We understand it is a safety issue and we respect that, but for years, kids didn’t even start trick-or-treating until it got dark.

Perhaps next year, 8 p.m. would be a more appropriate deadline. This isn’t too late to be knocking on doors.

Having said that, we wish everyone a fun and safe Halloween.

– This is a reprint of an editorial that was previously published in the Daily News.


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Enough Already

Last time I checked this was still a free country and the hours "suggested" by government is just that, a suggestion. If you feel froggy set your own hours, or until someone shuts the door in your face.

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