On Monday, our country celebrated Memorial Day.

On this sacred day, we celebrate and remember our veterans who are no longer with us. We pay tribute on this federal holiday to the countless veterans who paid the ultimate price with their lives in far-away places in different wars in our nation’s history.

We believe all Americans owe it to those who paid the ultimate price to preserve our freedoms and those who gave us the freedoms we enjoy today to pause on this day, think about them and show respect for these brave souls.

This holiday isn’t meant to give people an extra day off work but again is meant to honor our veterans who are no longer with us.

Most Americans get this, but if you listen to Vice President Kamala Harris’ own words you would think it was just a long weekend with no significance to it at all.

The President Joe Biden-appointed border czar, who has yet to visit the nightmare occurring daily on our Southern border in nearly 70-plus days, tweeted last week, “Enjoy the long weekend.”

The vice president made no mention of what the long weekend was all about, nor did she offer any praise for our veterans.

The backlash and outrage against her words were swift, and rightfully so. It was so bad that Harris deleted the tweet that contained the wording.

Reactions to the tweet were largely negative and sarcastic, with one user replying, “I’ve never been able to ‘enjoy’ Memorial Day. It became that much harder when I lost my son fighting for this country. Thanks anyway Madam Vice President.”

U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., finished Harris’ short sentence by writing “and pay tribute to the courageous men and women of our nation’s military who sacrificed their lives in defense of our freedoms and liberties.”

Even some admirers of the first female vice president did not hesitate to share their displeasure. “What a disappointing tweet from a person I like and support. Please do better,” one wrote.

One really has to ask how out of touch this vice president is with our veterans and those who are still serving in combat roles to not mention what the long weekend was all about.

Her tweet was insensitive and a slight to veterans who have passed and their families. What is also very scary is Harris is one heartbeat away from being president if something God forbid were to happen to Biden.

If she were president, she would be in charge of our armed forces. After the disrespect she showed our deceased veterans and those still serving in the military, we believe it would be very hard for those serving under her to have respect for her when she showed none for them.

Words have consequences, and she should suffer the consequences for her ill-chosen words. It was a jab to all veterans, deceased and those still living, and as vice president she should’ve known better.

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