While young American boys were fighting and dying in the rice paddies and jungles of Vietnam, actress Jane Fonda was in Hanoi giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Many Vietnam veterans rightfully have disdain for her to this day. While they were fighting for their lives, Fonda surrounded herself with the North Vietnamese, who were killing and maiming these veterans’ comrades on a daily basis.

Who can ever forget the picture of this woman sitting and laughing in an anti-aircraft gun in Hanoi acting like she was shooting at U.S. aircraft? Who can ever forget her numerous broadcasts on communist radio denouncing American leaders and American combat forces as “war criminals?”

These acts earned her the name “Hanoi Jane,” a name fitting for her actions.

While Fonda was aiding and abetting the enemy, distinguished veterans like U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., a former vice-presidential candidate, and Medal of Honor winner James Stockton and many of his colleagues were being held and tortured on a daily basis for not signing confessions stating they committed war crimes.

Many of those she spoke out against as “war criminals” may have also had objections to the war, but whether they were drafted or volunteered, they went to Vietnam and served. These brave men shed blood while she provided photo-ops that were used as communist propaganda. Fonda was used by the communists because of her notoriety, which explains her naiveté and just plain stupidity.

For decades, Fonda never apologized for her inexcusable – some could call treasonous – acts against this country and our veterans. She did say she was wrong several years ago, but the fact it took so long raises questions about its sincerity.

Recently, it was announced that Fonda would be playing the role of Nancy Reagan in the upcoming movie “The Butler.”

This has outraged many Vietnam veterans, who have asked people to boycott the movie and have started a rather large Facebook campaign denouncing her.

Fonda’s response to these distinguished veterans was: “Get a life.”

Fonda’s true colors have once again come out and she has once again added salt to a wound that many Vietnam veterans are still trying to deal with on a daily basis.

Her behavior is shameful, still.

It is also no surprise that Hollywood has chosen to cast an activist turncoat to portray Nancy Reagan. They apparently don’t care about the pain that they are indirectly inflicting on all Vietnam veterans. 

Fonda needs to “get a life.” Her words are beyond hurtful and it is past time that she swallows her pride and finally makes a formal apology to all Vietnam veterans for her disgusting deeds during the Vietnam War. If she doesn’t, she deserves to have her disgraceful actions haunt her for the rest of her life.

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