Any time you can knock out a major leader of al-Qaida or the Islamic State, it is a huge victory for America against these terrorist organizations.

We witnessed this under then-President Barack Obama’s watch when, in 2011, he ordered the taking out of Sept. 11 mastermind Osama bin Laden. We were very proud of Obama and Seal Team 6 for carrying out this very dangerous mission that ended with the killing of the most wanted man in the world.

After the killing, al-Qaida was in disarray and the killing of this mass murderer knocked his organization onto its heels. As a result, the pace of al-Qaida’s murderous rampages slowed. Obama also did a very good job while in office in taking out a good number of high-value IS targets, mostly through drone attacks and some through special forces attacks.

These are very vicious leaders and foot soldiers who burn people alive in cages, cut off their heads, shoot them in the head at close range and throw people off buildings.

Each and every one of these high-ranking terrorists needs to be found and eliminated whenever possible, because you cannot win the hearts and minds of such deranged individuals. Fortunately, President Donald Trump announced Tuesday morning that the likely successor to al-Baghdadi has also been killed by American troops.

Trump has done a good job in his nearly three years in office in accelerating the fight against IS in Syria, which resulted in the terrorist group losing the last small piece of territory it controlled there last March.

Over the weekend, it was announced that IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed in northern Syria when he blew himself up as he was cornered by U.S. troops in a nighttime raid at the dead end of a tunnel. This butcher and coward also blew up three of his children.

We’re so glad that this monster, who had untold amounts of blood on his hands, is no longer on this Earth. The taking out of al-Baghdadi leaves IS without a clear leader and in disarray, just like when bin Laden was killed.

Trump put it best about this monster when he said Baghdadi died like a dog while whimpering, crying and screaming when cornered.

We applaud Trump for giving the order to take this coward out and applaud the special forces troops who executed their mission flawlessly.

People like Baghdadi are cowards and dogs who deserve exactly what they get, which is death. We’re very glad that this monster is gone and hope that taking him out puts a huge dent in IS and its chain of command.


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Enough Already

Come on! There must be one "patriotic democrat" (I know this is an oxymoron and I'm sorry.) upset by this terrorist leaders death. The Washington Post was so upset they made his obituary into a sad tribute for a noble religious scholar. Surely their legends of followers will object to this editorial that rightly portrayed him as a murderous monster. Don't disappoint, show us how you really feel dumbocrats...

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