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Le Ecrivain

The minimum wage bills were presented previous sessions and now languish. Bashear is running on his love for the teacher's union and expanding medicaid. Not fixing any real issues. Adkins was decent, but nobody is going to vote for a guy that is out for the little guy. It was a pleasure to hear the song, but his campaign didn't have a chance from the start. This medicaid stuff is one of the reasons the area is so poor.

The hospital gets extra multipliers on their payment from CMS the more poor people they serve. So they are pushing as many poor people here as possible and put the hospital on the workforce development boards. The first thing the government boards did was decide to try and make it so you had to attend tech school to get a job. They wanted to turn private sector employment into the workforce equivalent of POPS. So then they want to make tech college free.

They are doubling down on socialism. Tennessee's technical colleges are free - but they do not have the state/privateer partnership for job prospects that runs out of the unemployment offices. That's the difference.

The employment picture is dire in Kentucky. the employment rate for males is in the 50s. That means just over half the males have jobs. It's horrific. Warren County is turning into an economic disaster zone by any metric. All the heads in the sand are so sad and horrifying. And our government is a bunch of do nothings. Sitting on all those real bills like minimum wages and instead voting for God signs and to affirm the second ammendment, which is already in the constitution.

The democrats should be running on helping people - not further enriching the medical center complex as the entire community descends into one of the lowest paid highest poverty zones in the united states. They have coupled the work force development boards with people who directly benefit from more poor people, so they want those poor people to have to partner with the state to get a job, and they want to make that partnership free so that even more people have to do it.

It is a horrifying socialist night mare. But hey, that teacher's union.... YEEEEE HAAW


If you don't see any good horses, you don't go to the races.

Le Ecrivain

If that's about the commentators on this site, I was beginning to feel the same, albeit in a more emotionally intelligent and considerate manner. If it's about the derby it implies that the non-aristocrats should have nothing to do with the derby due to their lack of competence related to thoroughbreds, which is not a position to jump at willy-nilly.


Take it at face value. I looked at the candidates and skipped the primary. First time in over 20 years. The winner’s father is the one who gave the pension money to a hedge funds manager and paid lots of taxpayer money for the “expert investing” advice that led to an SEC investigation and the loss of a significant amount of pension money. On the other side, we have a hedge fund manager and his shenanigans are well known. Nice house at a discount from a political benefactor. I received lots of negative campaign mail. Nice to attack the opponent in your own party. Good funding of candidates. Decided money is running politics, not principles. Skipped the primary.

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