Since U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., took office he has shown time after time that he truly cares about Kentuckians and their needs.

McConnell has worked tirelessly through the years to put Kentucky’s interests first and foremost and has always voted for the conservative values that the majority of the citizens of our great state deeply value.

As majority leader of the Senate, he has used his powerful position to get millions upon millions of dollars for many communities across our state. As majority leader, he has also set the agenda in the Senate, which is vital not only for Kentucky but the country as a whole.

In his past term alone – since 2015 – McConnell has secured more than $17.5 billion for critical Kentucky projects. The “McConnell Directed Appropriations” figure represents some major appropriations wins, such as Olmsted and Kentucky Lock, Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, American Printing House for the Blind, agriculture research and defense funding.

On broad legislation, McConnell was instrumental in cutting taxes for Kentucky middle-class families and business (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017) and confirming a record number of pro-Constitution judges to lifetime federal appointments. McConnell also shepherded the biggest year-over-year increase in defense funding in 15 years, reversing Obama-era military cuts and providing a pay raise for troops. As majority leader, McConnell’s support has led to hundreds of millions of dollars for projects at Fort Knox, Fort Campbell and the Bluegrass Army Depot. Along with the Army Corps of Engineers’ dedication of an additional $300,000 for cleanup efforts at Fishtrap Lake at his request, McConnell secured $11 million to combat the invasion of Asian carp and extended U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s focus into our Western Kentucky lakes.

Under McConnell, the U.S. Senate has fundamentally transformed the federal judiciary by confirming pro-Constitution judges. Additionally, McConnell prioritized the confirmation of a record 30 circuit court judges, including three Kentuckians in President Donald Trump’s first two years. He also led the confirmations of 53 district court judges, three of whom are Kentuckians. He also stood steadfast when Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh went through grueling confirmations, especially Kavanaugh, to ensure that these two honorable men were confirmed to our highest court.

McConnell truly gets it when it comes to the judiciary. He realizes you must nominate pro-Constitution judges to the federal bench who will interpret the law as written instead of activist judges.

The Senate majority leader has also delivered considerable money to Kentucky and Bowling Green and Warren County under the CARES Act, which was a result of COVID-19.

Warren County alone has received $62.7 million from the CARES Act thanks to McConnell’s leadership. Our city’s two biggest employers, Western Kentucky University received $10,636,493 and The Medical Center received $14,200,000. McConnell also secured $4,918,471 for the city of Bowling Green for police and firefighters payroll.

Securing all of these funds for these agencies shows how much McConnell truly cares about our community and its people.

McConnell has also been very instrumental in securing massive funding for our law enforcement to battle the major opioid epidemic in our state. McConnell has also shown that he is a friend of coal by working to repeal regulations against coal miners. He introduced the HELP for Coal Miners Health Care Act, which permanently shored up health care benefits for more than 13,000 retired coal miners in Kentucky.

He has also fought to defend rights that are very sacred to many Kentuckians such as the Second Amendment, supports a child’s right to life, pushes for lower taxes and has worked tirelessly to secure funding to control illegal immigration.

McConnell delivers to us in a very big way, which is why we can’t afford to lose him in the Senate.

McConnell’s opponent, Democratic challenger Amy McGrath, is a complete 180 degrees from McConnell. The failed 2018 congressional candidate in Kentucky’s 6th District is a very far-left candidate who has had a rather unimpressive campaign against the very seasoned McConnell.

Her list of gaffes is very long. We could start with her comments at a Boston fundraiser two years ago when she said: “I am further left, I am more progressive, than anyone in the state of Kentucky.”

These comments are very telling of McGrath and very indicative of how she would support U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer’s, D-N.Y., radical agenda if she is elected. In fact, if elected and if Republicans lose control of the Senate, one of the first votes she will take will be to make Schumer majority leader.

McGrath also put her foot in her mouth on several occasions after she announced she was running against McConnell. She said she would’ve voted to confirm Kavanaugh to the high court, but hours later she retracted that and said she would’ve not voted to confirm him. Then, in a very red state like Kentucky, McGrath said she would’ve voted to impeach Trump. She also called Trump’s border wall plan “absolutely stupid.” Let us not forget that McGrath is a very strong pro-abortion candidate who even supports the barbaric procedure in the ninth month.

McGrath will also be remembered for comparing the 2016 election of Trump to the 9/11 terror attacks.

The candidate also doesn’t know her geography of the state very well as we watched her in a debate with McConnell refer to Anderson County as Appalachia. Anderson County is actually near Lexington.

McGrath, if elected, would be no friend of the coal community but would vote with Schumer and company to continue the destruction of the coal industry.

In McGrath, you have a candidate who is way out of her element with too many amateurs directing her campaign and at the end of the day is a candidate out of step with Kentucky values.

The choices in this election are quite clear.

You have a proven leader in McConnell who has shown time and time again that he gets Kentucky’s values and takes cares of its people. He has a proven record of representing the conservative values of this state and if reelected will continue to look out for the people of this state and deliver for them. In McGrath, you have someone who doesn’t really understand Kentucky’s values or its people. She represents by her own words the far-left wing of the national party and would be a rubber-stamp for its far-left agenda if elected to the Senate. Don’t be fooled by her saying she’s independent.

The candidate to support in this election is very clear, and that is McConnell because he will continue to stand up for Kentucky and be a voice for Kentuckians in the Senate.

For all the reasons we mentioned, we proudly endorse Sen. McConnell for reelection to the U.S. Senate on Nov. 3.

"Our Opinion" pieces in the Bowling Green Daily News exclusively represent the majority opinion of the newspaper's editorial board and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints or beliefs of any other Daily News employees.

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Why did McConnell not confront the President when Trump did nothing about bounties being put on the heads of our Troops? Is that normal in Kentucky? I thought people in Kentucky cared about our troops.


Mitch McConnell has succeeded in weakening all three branches of our government with his partisanship and hypocrisy. When American intelligence discovered Russian attempts to undermine our democracy, McConnell not only refused to condemn the Russians, but attacked our own intelligence community. His refusal to even meet with Obama regarding the Supreme Court vacancy and block Merrick's nomination severely harmed the process on which we rely for appointing justices. In the US entire history, of all the 86 fillibusters used to block a nominee, McConnell was responsible for 82 of those. The "ramming through" of Supreme Court Justice Barrett, who has had a mere 3 years experience as an actual judge is an example of "court packing" that the Republicans are so quick to accuse the Democrats of potentially placing on their agenda. Barrett's placement is likely to have serious detrimental impact upon womens' rights, voting rights, LGBTQ rights, consumer rights and environmental protections. McConnell has been in the pocket of big business for quite some time, giving the rich tax cuts further increasing the burden on the lower classes. Mitch McConnell is not looking out for you unless you're wealthy.


And, the cherry on top -- since we still have non-single-payer health care, 12,000 deductibles obliterate people in one of the poorest states, and that's why our health numbers are some of the worst in the nation. All because of dear old McConnell and the others voting dozens and dozens of times to make Kentucky comparatively one of the poorest places in the United States. Yes, it's better than Congo, but it could be better than Missouri or Arkansas, or Alabama if it was for McConnell and his kind of voting record.


Thanks to Mitch McConnell's voting record, Kentucky now has wages for most jobs, where the average pay for those jobs, is in the bottom 5% of the nation. Call center people in MN make $20 because the minimum wage at fast food is like $11, cars still cost the same, and houses costs less. A piece of pie at a diner still costs the same. That money is why Northerners have vacations and furniture and full fledged laptops for students, and southerners have Chrome books, free food buses, and the local water park.


McConnell Has Voted Against Raising The Minimum Wage At Over 15 Times. [Vote 23, 1/24/07; Vote 179, 6/21/06; Vote 26, 3/7/05; Vote 257, 10/19/05; Vote 76, 4/7/00; Vote 356, 11/9/99; Vote 239, 7/30/99; Vote 94, 4/28/99; Vote 77, 3/25/99; Vote 278, 9/22/98; Vote 184, 7/9/96; Vote 183, 7/9/96; Vote 519, 10/27/95; Vote 33, 7/31/95; Vote 68, 5/17/89; Vote 39, 4/12/89].

That document was from Emily's list in 2014. There were more votes in recent years, like 2019 and so on. The election of course has zero content on issues for some reason, but let's not continue the farce that he has a history of doing what's best for Kentucky.

Kentucky, like Warren County, now has wages so low they are outside the confidence intervals for wages in given industries at the Bureau of Labor Statics.

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