In life a person or persons should be willing to live up to the consequences of their actions.

It’s an unspoken code that we should all try to live by. Sure, many of us will not always live up to that code, but again we should all try.

This code has application in politics where politicians often say one thing and do the other. When they do this their constituents and the press have every right to call them out on it.

On this opinion page many times we have said that sanctuary cities aren’t deserving of receiving one dollar of federal funding because their actions are in direct defiance of federal law. Immigration-related matters under the Constitution are the responsibility of the Federal government.

Elected officials in these states need to suffer for consequences of their actions of defying federal law.

One state that we believe deserves to suffer the consequences of their elected leaders’ shameful actions is Minnesota. What happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis was a tragedy, but what occurred in that city in the following weeks with the burning down of people’s private businesses, the looting, rioting and lawlessness was very disturbing and rests on the shoulders of the elected local officials and governor of that state.

We watched as criminals burned down city property and private property, looted people’s business and attacked law enforcement officers. We also watched as Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey ordered police officers in that city’s 3rd precint to stand down and abandon the building which was set on fire by these criminals.

The American people watched as a five-mile stretch of that city sustained extraordinary damage. Estimates provided by the state said that an estimated 1,500 businesses were destroyed. The state also said that the estimated damage exceeded $500 million.

During this anarchy, resident after resident called 911 dispatch for help, but dispatchers were overwhelmed.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz and Frey showed total weakness as they watched as parts of Minneapolis was being burned to the ground and people’s private businesses looted. They dragged their feet on deploying their police force to show a presence to deter this anarchy and Walz hesitated for too long to call the National Guard in to deal with this emergency on the streets of Minneapolis.

Now, after they did little to nothing to stop these criminals from burning sections of the largest city in their state down, they have the audacity to ask the federal government to give them a $500 million federal aid request to rebuild the city they did nothing to protect.

To his credit, Trump rejected their request and made a really good point in doing so when he observed Frey and Walz failed to do enough to stop the damage from happening in the first place.

Trump couldn’t be anymore dead on. If Frey and Walz had actually done their constitutional duties and protected public buildings and citizens private property from being burned down and looted perhaps they would have been deserving of this federal aid request, but they sat idly by and let this destruction and lawlessness happen.

So no they aren’t deserving of one cent of federal money because they need a lesson about the consequences of their actions or in this case the consequences of their inaction.

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