Any parent who willingly uses drugs and, as a result, causes the death of one of his or her children bears responsibility, whether it was intentional or not.

Parents are supposed to always protect their children, keep them safe and out of harm’s way and be positive role models.

Those who use drugs around their children probably shouldn’t have children to begin with. All too often, we read and hear stories about parents who are under the influence of drugs, resulting in a child’s senseless injury or even death.

This is not only very tragic, it is also unacceptable.

Those who use drugs around their children and who make bad judgment calls because they’re impaired need to have the book thrown at them after they’re convicted for the taking of an innocent life they should’ve been protecting.

Edmonson County resident Alexandra Richardson, 28, is one of these people who, if convicted, deserves to spend considerable time in prison thinking about the life she took.

On Dec. 2, Richardson attempted to drive across a low-water bridge on Oak Hill Road crossing Alexander Creek, which had flooded. Emergency personnel were dispatched to the area to respond to reports of the vehicle becoming submerged and of a missing 20-month-old child.

Richardson and her 7-year-old son made it out of the water, but the toddler was lost. Rescue personnel found the toddler about 7:15 p.m. and he was flown to a hospital, where he later died.

Richardson was interviewed at the hospital and admitted to police she had been using methamphetamine and marijuana and said she had driven across the flooded bridge several times in the past and did not think the water was that deep.

When a person is high on methamphetamine and marijuana, his or her judgment is obviously very clouded and it is obvious through this tragedy that Richardson’s judgment was clouded due to being under the influence of these drugs while with her children.

Deputies obtained a search warrant Dec. 3 for Richardson’s medical records that confirmed the presence of meth and marijuana in her blood at the time she arrived at the hospital.

On Wednesday, deputies obtained a search warrant for Richardson’s residence, resulting in the discovery of small amounts of suspected marijuana and meth. Later that day, Richardson was arrested on a warrant charging her with murder, two counts of first-degree wanton endangerment and operating a motor vehicle while under the influence.

These are the correct charges, because had she truly cared for her kids, she wouldn’t have been on methamphetamine and marijuana and her toddler would more than likely be alive today.


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