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Many of the dogs at the Logan County Humane Society on Friday, Nov. 27, 2015, have giardia and are unable to use the shelter dog runs and grassy areas due to possible reinfection and contamintation. Dogs are housed only on the concrete areas for dog runs and walked on the concrete areas where it can be bleached and cleaned. (Miranda Pederson/

Last year, a Daily News investigation found that horrid conditions existed at the Logan County Humane Society shelter. 

The investigation revealed that such conditions and behaviors have persisted over the years, despite recommendations and offers of help by animal welfare workers. Interviews with volunteers and county residents whose involvement at the shelter spans several years, as well as Daily News visits, revealed unclean and unusable housing, aggression, sickness and inadequate heating, cooling and ventilation. One shelter employee contracted Giardia infection, an intestinal disorder caused by a parasite, and was out of work for a week.

The conditions at this facility never should've been allowed to go on as long as they did. Some of those involved in running and working at the facility are thankfully no longer there and things seem to be running a lot smoother at the facility.

The most important aspect of this whole unfortunate mess is that the dogs are living in much better conditions, although one building still has no heat source and other problems still exist.

The humane society needs a totally new facility for several reasons including dogs not be able to touch the ground unless it's a bleached area, some flooding issues and a heating system that hasn't been working properly in the current facility for the past several months. 

It's quite clear that it's time for a new facility for the betterment of the animals there and for the employees.

The county has said it can't afford to build a new facility and would prefer to make repairs to the existing one. The problems with the repairs the county is proposing is that they wouldn't meet the Kentucky standards which the humane society operates under.

In our opinion, the county, knowing what all the humane society and the animals and employees working there have been through, should pony up the money to help them buy a new facility.

We take exception to Logan County Judge-Executive Logan Chick saying, "We've already got a facility that's fine that the county owns and we have to keep up." 

Others say the facility isn't fine which is why those affiliated with it are looking for land to build a new facility. 

Chick went on to say that magistrates have to answer on where they spent the money.

Isn't that part of being an elected official answering constituent questions about where money was spent?

It's quite clear that the county isn't going to help, which is a shame because a new facility is deeply needed.

So, kudos to the humane society for saying it will handle getting the funding to build a new shelter instead of relying on the county. It is currently looking to purchase more than 12 acres to build the shelter on and get blueprints together to present to a bank.

We wish them the best of luck in their endeavors because getting a new home for these animals should be a top priority. 


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Larry Fiehn

Thank you, Daily News for your editorial support. A number of us want to do whatever it takes to get Logan County Magistrates to step up to the plate to do the right thing to protect animals. Shaming them is one way. Greatly appreciated.

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