Last week, Gov. Andy Beshear said he wasn’t playing politics with the COVID-19 epidemic and was trying to save lives.

We agree that Beshear is trying to save lives and have said that several times on this opinion page, but we’re not buying for one second Beshear’s claim that he isn’t playing politics with this pandemic.

Make no mistake, folks, Beshear is a partisan’s partisan. His political persuasions and associations with the national Democratic Party are well known, which is why we believe for a fact that he is indeed playing politics with this pandemic.

It’s no coincidence that every governor to the south of us has reopened restaurants and bars more quickly and at higher capacity.

These Republican governors actually get it and understand that people’s livelihoods, especially the small mom-and-pop restaurants and bars, depend on continued revenue to stay afloat and that politics shouldn’t be played with their lives.

We wish Beshear realized this as they do. Many people in our state have gotten so frustrated with Beshear playing politics with their lives that they’ve started referring to him as King Andy.

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., summed up Beshear’s handling of the COVID-19 epidemic perfectly when he said Kentucky’s governor was drunk on power and that people in the state are living under the dictatorship of Beshear.

Beshear is our governor, and he has the right to issue executive orders when he sees fit just as the other 49 governors do, but when is enough going to be enough?

How many more businesses will be closed and their employees looking for work because this governor played politics with people’s lives and livelihoods?

That remains to be seen, but what has become abundantly clear is that the people of this state have had enough of Beshear’s antics and orders.

We can’t figure out what Beshear’s end game is. We know he is loving his newfound power and control and could be possibly be gearing up, if rumors are correct, to run against Paul in 2022.

President Donald Trump will win Kentucky this November in a landslide, and we are confident U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., will easily defeat Democratic challenger Amy McGrath in his reelection bid, so we don’t so see why Beshear would be helping Joe Biden or McGrath by playing politics with this pandemic.

Beshear has every right as governor to issue orders regarding COVID-19, but since May when he started easing restrictions very slowly we believe that many of this state’s citizens are beyond sick and tired of his orders and are tired of him playing politics with their lives and their livelihoods.

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Rich JC

Of course it is political. Politicians' one and only job is to allocate taxpayer resources to protect and defend the American people, and the political party that relies on science and math will save exponentially more lives than the one who consults the MyPillow guy.

You all have nerve bloviating Rand Paul libertarian platitudes while he and Mitch are on vacation, as one out of every 1,800 Americans are dead from this pandemic. On our present course, 300,000 mothers, fathers, sons and daughters will be dead by Christmas.

The virus is apolitical. It also has one and only one job, and that's to get from human lungs to human lungs. It can't fly or jump. Its only means of transportation is water droplets expelled along with your breath. Blow out a match. You can see how the virus would quickly get from your mouth to the match. Now put on a mask and blow out a match...

Beshear is doing their job as well as his own protecting Mitch and Rand's constituents in their absence. Maybe the Sunshine Boys could pop by the capitol building and lend a hand. I'm sure Beshear has a few clean masks they could borrow.

Enough Already

Liberals are so naive and Rich JC is no exception. They employ blind trust to support democrats in the face of overwhelming evidence that proves they do not have the countries best interest at heart. After 4 years of fake news stories to oust the president you would think they would get it, but they just keep clamoring for more nonsense. Even with a roaring economy they are ready to throw all of that away for socialist/communist promises of a green new deal and social justice BS. It is amazing anyone could remain so stupid in the face of the obvious. Even though democrats have embraced disbanding police, anarchy, rioting, looting, burning our cities, these morons can't wait to support democrats. Now these lemmings will line up to vote for an obviously unstable old man with advanced mental deterioration who is being used to get the vote of democrat moderates. If elected he will soon resign so his radical VP can take over and pick another radical VP worse than she is. There is almost no chance of this happening because the majority of Americans are not that stupid. When democrats lose in a bigger landslide than last time they will create worse anarchy than we now have. They have no chance of winning and yet if democrats can steal the election...


Anyone sabotaging the Post Office to stop FREE ELECTIONS is an Enemy of the United States. Trump & the GOP must be taken by the CIA and tortured for information for who they are working for and why. Republicans need to step up and protect our nation's laws, because this is what happened to Germany's free democracy. If there is no election this year, then the United States is no more. No laws, no legal government, its all over. Pick a side: The US or Russia.

Enough Already

I know this will be difficult reading for a communist ignoramus like yourself but try to understand...


If we had a Republican Governor, Paul would've had a different tune. The virus isn't political. I personally know 4 people in BG who have had the virus and recovered and each said it was the worst illness they have ever had and were debilitated for weeks. They caught it through working. Warren county is still a hot spot. But at this point, I'm willing to concede commonsense and let Darwin do it's thing. But no whining if you get sick. Politics didn't make you sick. You did.

Enough Already

"If we had a Republican Governor, Paul would've had a different tune."

Yes, because there would not have been dictatorial decrees issued that violated the Constitution. Since when do we quarantine, and/or demand masks for the healthy along with the sick because of a politician's opinion? The virus isn't political but the severity of the executive orders varies with the political parties the politicians represent. The democrats err on the side of totalitarianism every time.

I'm not minimizing the seriousness of the virus but people need to be able to make up their own mind about how they will deal with the threat. The last one I want to take advice from would be Beshear. I agree with him about almost nothing. Why would I think he was correct in any other area? I don't need a Daddy to help me make decisions. I'm an adult and have been doing it all my adult life. I will take the consequences if I make a mistake and others need to get off the backs of people who disagree with this power drunk clown in Frankfort.


Partisan editorial accuses governor of partisan.policy. Maybe the most inane piece ever published here. You can do better, BGDN.

Enough Already

So your solution is to not challenge Beshear's obviously partisan actions? That's why they call it the "Opinion page" and editors are entitled to an opinion like anyone else.

Dr. Strangelove

Yes, Beto Beshear is playing politics through the eternal COVID-19 fear-fest. But if it only saves one more Democrat vote. I mean if it saves only 1 life versus the hundreds of thousands wrecked with these edicts it will be worth it! I say all Democrats should stay inside until they hear that NO ONE HAS DIED in the US. It's for our SAFETY, economic and mental health.

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