The editorial board of this newspaper endorsed U.S. Sen. Rand Paul in both of his elections and we were very glad to do so.

Since being elected in 2010, we believe Paul has done a very good job representing our state and our country and has voted on some very important issues that we and other newspapers have advocated during his time in the Senate.

Paul’s a straight shooter. He tells you what he thinks and doesn’t dance around the issues like so many other politicians tend to do.

While we are supportive of the senator and most likely will be in the future, we simply disagree with his stance on the anti-lynching bill that has been making its way through Congress.

The bill, called the Emmett Till Antilynching Act – named after the 14-year-old black child who was tortured and killed in 1955 in Mississippi – predates the recent high-profile deaths of black men and women at the hands of white police and civilians that have inspired protests across the country. The bill passed the House this year by a vote of 410-4 and has the backing of 99 senators, who have urged support for belated federal recognition of a crime that once terrorized black Americans.

If passed, the bill would for the first time explicitly make lynching a federal crime.

We believe this is legislation that is way overdue in our country and we are glad that it has broad bipartisan support. It appears that this should be a no-brainer to pass, but Paul is the lone senator who has prevented it from becoming law.

Paul is arguing that the lynching bill was sloppily written and could lead to yet another injustice – excessive sentencing for minor infractions – unless it is revised.

This bill would “cheapen the meaning of lynching by defining it so broadly as to include a minor bruise or abrasion,” he said. “Our national history of racial terrorism demands more seriousness of us than that.”

Paul said he takes lynching seriously, but “this legislation does not.”

We take Paul at his word that he does indeed take this bill seriously and respect him for standing on his principles, but at the end of the day we believe it’s time to be a team player and get with the majority of his colleagues and pass this most important bill.

The history of lynchings in our country is a very dark chapter of history that should’ve never happened. Passing this legislation, especially during these troubled times along racial lines, could go a long way toward healing racial divisions.

We wholeheartedly believe that Paul does not have a racist bone in his body. In his mind, he simply wants a better piece of legislation and he should be commended for trying to do that. But in politics, as Paul knows all too well, you pick your battles. Sometimes it is best to become a team player and do what is right for the country. In this case, it is voting to pass this piece of much-needed legislation.

We urge Paul to do so.

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Dr. Strangelove

Occupy, your comments are so RACIST. You need to be shamed and sent into exile by the COMMITTEE OF COMRADES. I thus proclaim! So it is written, so it is said. We will not tolerate your RACISM ANY LONGER. You are now ignored for life Occupuppy!


Passing this bill won't do squat to heal racial problems in the country. You know what will? People stop being racist. So whenever you see a racist making a comment online (or if you vid record them), send that to their boss and ask if their company is also racist, get them fired. If the racist is the owner of a company, shut that racist company down for good. Maybe then conservatives will get the clue and stop being arsehats?


“What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right.” I am absolutely stunned at this editorial opinion. Compelling a lawmaker to approve a bill through mob mentality... oops, I mean “team player”... is an outrage. If in the end only one senator votes against this ridiculous legislation, then by all means please let it be Sen. Paul. Since it has not yet been passed, I’ll turn to Sen. McConnell and ask him to join with Sen. Paul and vote against the bill. Let it be 98-2 and we can celebrate KY’s sanity. Two issues for the editorial staff to consider: 1) have you never seen the bad outcome of legislation passed during times of great emotional distress? I’ll point you to the Patriot Act which is anything but. 2) You need to do just 5 minutes of research to see that black people were not the only ones lynched. Passing this legislation right now is pandering at its best and will only benefit one party - the Democrat Party. From what I’ve read, it was the Republicans in times past that repeatedly tried to pass anti-lynching laws only to be repeatedly blocked by Democrats. Hell, the KKK was lynching blacks and whites to terrorize them so they wouldn’t vote Republican. Now suddenly it’s all the rage to pass anti-lynching legislation to right past wrongs? This legislation is wrong and highly offensive to blacks and whites and all colors. I applaud Sen. Paul and encourage him to keep standing against this onslaught; and I encourage Sen. McConnell to join him.

Enough Already

"Passing this legislation, especially during these troubled times along racial lines, could go a long way toward healing racial divisions."


These rioters and looters don't care about this kind of thing. All they want is free sh*t.. I never thought I'd see virtue signaling from this paper but here it is. When was the last time there was a lynching? 1955 maybe? This is a stupid bill proposed by stupid people and supported by a stupid newspaper. If it is even to be passed it needs to be fixed exactly as the Senator said..


"When was the last time there was a lynching...1955 maybe?"

Michael Donald in Mobile, Alabama on March 21, 1981 actually.

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