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What Happened?! Its "The Good Ole Boy" Network at it's best. I had dealings with Brown when he was at the utilities he worked for. He was arrogant when dealing with people. I had to "SHOW" him my proof that I had spoken to someone in his office on the matter I was trying to resolve. He basically called me a liar as I had stated what number I had called from. He said that wasnt even a KY phone number. I had to explain to Mr. Brown, in this day and age of computers you can have a phone number from any state if you choose (ever heard of Vonage)? The bottom line is, had I not had HARD PROOF I would have been at the mercy of this mans knowledge (or lack thereof) and arrogance,( of which he had plent)y. I am sure with this mans disposition, giving him a badge and a gun, was not the smartest thing to do. Who gave him the job? What strings did he pull, who did he know? Possibly the same people now that are so " HUSH, HUSH on THIS matter. I hope the TRUTH of this event gets out WITHOUT the filtering of the " GOOD OLE BOYS" , we shall see...................


Granted I was not there. I don't know anything except what I hear on the news and read in the papers. That said I don't understand how two men can get into a gun fight in broad daylight and one was not able to leave and the other one left the scene.

According to the news Mr. Brown left the scene of the shooting. I don't know either man involved but I am wondering out loud if Mr. Brown even was read his rights, taken to jail or given any blood tests looking for drugs or alcohol in his system.

All the press reported was that Mr. Brown has been placed on leave. Paid or not paid leave I don't know.

I will ask for anyone to explain to me how you can be involved in a shoot out, leave the scene and not be in jail ? I'm gonna guess that 99.9 percent of the rest of us would have been drug out of our homes by a S.W.A.T. team.

There are enough accusations,here say and innuendo floating around and I'm not taking sides or trying to stir the pot. I am however a Voter / Taxpayer who is curious and looking forward to further explanation of just what happened.

Bob Talley
Voter / Taxpayer

The All Knowing

curious if both men had a gun would've made a difference. What is one man bumped the other man's car while they were driving? What if one man waived a gun at the other man during the road rage incident? what if one man drew his gun on the other man after they stopped and the other man then drew his gun? Just wondering.

And if you genuinely believe that the person "....sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle will know 100% of the motives behind the driver shooting someone", Mike your stupidity exceeds your arrogance by such great a margin it is damned scary. That knowledge remains Mr. Browns alone. She was not 'in his mind' as you suggest. YOU are by no means capable of stating with 100% certainty what she must know and would do well to remember that.


I want to say one more thing, regarding Brown's wife...I am 100% positive that anyone sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle will also know 100% of the motives behind the driver shooting someone.

Frankly, although I still hold any marriage in high regard, I never like it when anyone hides behind a marriage to hide a crime (not a Bonnie and Clyde fan, for starters)...that element bothers me--is she 'able' to make her statement?

I have been concerned for several years that our State Police have lost some of their edge, as far as their own personal character--the character of some KSP officers, is concerned, and I'm having a big problem trying to follow all the lines they're 'laying down' as far as their public statements.

OH--and I'm not paranoid--the KSP officer quoted in this very article is the very same one who killed a woman named Nurcan Ceylan back in Sept. 2011, when his KSP 'Crown Vic' crossed the center line in Park City and hit her car head on.

See this link for a reminder: http://goo.gl/XMjZ9

Ironically, as the very guy the KSP goes to for public statements, there were never any made, as far as I can recall, that explained his killing of this woman...in fact, he's had more accidents, all kindof...brushed under the carpet, so to speak...maybe by him.

Further irony can be found in the last half of that DN article, where it says the following:

"Biven was on duty when the collision occurred and was traveling with a caravan of troopers from a firing range, Jude said.
Accident reconstructionists with the KSP are investigating the crash and are trying to determine exactly what happened. They are reviewing a crash data recorder installed in the cruiser.
“It’s a big puzzle, if you will,” Jude said.
Speed does not appear to be a factor, Jude said. Also, alcohol and drugs are not suspected to be factors, according to the news release.
It is too early to determine exactly what caused Biven to cross the center line, Jude said.
“We do know that Trooper Biven did cross the center line, and the collision occurred from there,” he said. “As far as assigning what has happened or what caused that just yet, it’s way too early to do that.”
There is no policy mandating administrative leave if a trooper is involved in an accident. Any leave will be based on his medical needs, Jude said.
Also responding to the scene were the Park City Fire Department and the Barren County Sheriff’s Office."

So...should we really trust the KSP when they finally release their account of this event?

I'll always have my doubts. And rest assured, I will 'never rest assured' that my own calls to the KSP will ever be handled with any degree of professionalism, again, either--I've had plenty of lessons on that, over the past couple of years dealing with neighbor issues. I've been pretty much blacklisted as far as my own rights are concerned, by the local authorities.

So, I'm not exactly the most popular guy among them...does this hinder my character in any way? I think not--just read that link I posted above, that article should speak for itself, and shed some light on any reliability of this current investigation. In fact, I'm emailing this as a reminder to the DN staff themselves.


Wow...WOW...for once, we are ALL thinking something, and the DN comes through and not only says it, but with a level of integrity that literally beams of significance. I'm dumbfounded, and greatly relieved to see this op-ed piece making its way into the paper. I've been concerned about the appropriateness of my own (greatly incensed) attitude regarding this event, and this letter helped me realize I'm not wrong to still seek the answers the family, and anyone else living here, seeks.
I have only this to add, here: my concern regarding the wounds suffered by Brandon Bradshaw, and one major question I have--were they defensive? If the defense team (Mr. Alan Simpson) ever wants to begin proving his 'self-defense' standpoint, I think we should look into the very specific angle of the bullet wounds, since anyone holding a gun (esp. with former officer training) would surely have suffered wounds where the bullets entered (basically) his knuckles...sure, someone could hold his arm up to defend against shots while holding a gun, but wouldn't he not do so, instinctively?
Regardless, I still feel there must have been eye-witnesses who saw more than half the entire event unfold, including have been able to make out some things said. My questions were identical regarding the motives for the shooting: road rage being #1, or maybe some past, private issues between the men, or maybe even something involving Brown's wife?
This shooting should see a juried trial, or else we need to investigate multiple departments here in BG. If so, I pray for anyone in that jury, that, first of all, they have answers to the many questions that plague this shooting.


What a FANTASTIC piece of journalism! Glad to see you guys are thinking the same way the rest of us are, and arent afraid to say what the rest of us are thinking.

But, having said that, I also want to say this: I feel so badly for both families. As a mother, I feel for the mothers of both of these individuals, and my heart breaks for each of them. I dont know what happened any more than anyone else does, but naturally my curiousity is just as high as everyone else's is. BUT, the families and the public dont deserve speculation. They deserve the facts. And the facts and truth WILL come out in the end.

They Call Me Bad News

Someone explain things to Kookoo.


Good job Daily News! This is more like what people want from their newspaper!


Put it on Crimestoppers and maybe the public can solve it for the Police department, that way they can go on having their breakfast and trying to convince each other how good of a job their doing!!!!!


be aware that ignoring or giving pat answers to the citizens of of this community will not work. this story has the appearances of a coverup . this story will go national. contacts are being made nation wide. there will be other news organizations showing up asking questions about kentucky justice. the citizens know that something improper and possibly illegal is being done.


thanks for good reporting daily news


This is so wrong at every level some one need to call ky attorney general there is some kind of cover u i don 't want to pull over for these so called ky police who cover up this corruption even Chris Crohan involved free your self these people deserves your response Chris i ll never vote for you


Rumor are running wild--and will continue to do so--until more is know about this incident. If both parties had guns--that is one thing--and knowing that would not hurt the shooter. I sympathize with both families--one family has suffered to loss of a loved one--and one family is being torn apart because of what happened and how information is being handled..again --questions need to be answered --covering up facts never leads to a good end for anyone


BGDN if you begin reporting like this I will pick my subscription back up.

Larry Fiehn

An excellent opinion piece, thank you! Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

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