Nothing good can occur as the result of road-rage incidents.

Each year, we hear about them not only in our city and region, but across the country, and in many cases they end up with someone getting hurt or killed.

We have witnessed two road-rage incidents in Bowling Green in less than two years that left two people dead.

The first occurred Feb. 26, 2013, on U.S. 31-W By-Pass between Bowling Green residents Brandon Bradshaw and Tommy Brown, an off-duty Warren County Sheriff’s Office court security officer. Bradshaw was shot by Brown and died from his wounds on March 2, 2013.  A Warren County grand jury found no probable cause to indict Brown and returned a no true bill on charges of reckless homicide and second-degree manslaughter.

The latest road-rage incident occurred Monday when officers were called to a convenience store after an assault was reported.

According to police, a Bowling Green man, whose name has not been released, was on his way to work Sunday, traveling behind a slow-moving vehicle, when the driver of a Ford Focus behind him appeared to be agitated with his driving. When the unidentified man got to a three-way traffic light, the driver of the Ford Focus rolled down his window and started swearing at him.

Police reported that the driver of the Focus, identified as Carlos Ray Lee, asked the man to pull over and meet. The unidentified man pulled into the convenience store where Lee was standing near the rear of his vehicle. Lee started coming toward the driver’s side of the unidentified driver’s vehicle, so the man got out of his car. Lee and the unidentified man began arguing for a few minutes.

Lee threatened the man with physical injury and then pushed the man as the man was attempting to leave. The unidentified man told police he didn’t want to fight but felt that his life was threatened after he was pushed. He then punched Lee once, knocking him to the ground.

The unidentified man then called police and remained at the scene until police arrived. Lee was taken to the hospital Monday afternoon where he died from his injury.

No charges have been filed against the unidentified man. Either way, a man is dead and it might have been an act of self-defense. That is something that needs to be determined by law enforcement and prosecutors.

Yet these are two incidents that could have had different outcomes had it not been for drivers who lost their tempers. In both cases, the drivers could’ve simply kept going and avoided the instances or called police if they felt the other motorist was driving erratically or illegally.

Getting caught up in the moment can be hazardous. You simply don’t know what people are capable of doing in tense situations.

It’s best to simply bite your tongue, remain patient while driving, and if you get behind a slower driver, just accept it knowing you will eventually reach your destination.

Losing lives over road-rage confrontations is simply not worth it.


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