When the president of the United States is speaking, cable news networks have a duty and a responsibility to cover it for the nation to view.

It doesn’t matter if a certain network or networks don’t like a particular president, part of their job is to air when the president is speaking on an array of issues, especially at a time of a national emergency as we’re experiencing now with COVID-19.

Each day, the president, along with Vice President Mike Pence and respected medical experts – including the government’s top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci – give briefings on what is new in the fight against the disease, what the federal government is doing in this fight and offering more information on how to help people avoid the disease, scientific advice, data analysis, etc.

It is our opinion that in times of need, such as the times that we are living in now, people want to hear from their commander in chief on a daily basis to learn what he is doing to help battle COVID-19. We believe that it reassures a large segment of our population to hear from President Donald Trump about all that is being done to help battle this massive epidemic.

You would think that all major cable networks would understand the need for the American public to hear from Trump during this national emergency.

But apparently CNN and MSNBC don’t feel that way. On several different occasions now, these networks have tuned out Trump while he was speaking to instead talk to their own commentators.

It’s quite obvious through comments made by certain anchors at these cable networks that they are indeed not fans of Trump, which is obviously their prerogative. But in doing so, they are depriving a large segment of their viewers who want to hear how Trump is handling this crisis.

That’s a real shame, because in times of a national emergency such as this, all cable networks should put their personal and political dislike of Trump aside and provide their viewers what they want to see – which is Trump trying to calm fears, offering updates on this disease and explaining precautions people should continue to take during this national emergency.


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Enough Already

Those critical of this editorial don't want their filter bubble popped. They have had their head embedded in the arse of the MSM for so long they are suffering from oxygen deprivation and are unable to think clearly any longer. (Not that they were ever rational in the first place but now they are truly brain damaged.) The idea that the media and these morons are against hearing a briefing from the White-house during a pandemic shows you just how many of their brain cells they have killed off by subjecting themselves to the concentrated 'Hate Trump' atmosphere. They truly are to be pitied. I can only imagine how pissed off they will be after Trump wins in November.

Make it so!

Enough Already 2

This editorial is asinine and hypocritical!

OH, but of course, those words fully describe most of the Gaines family editorials!

We the public deserve to know the valid facts and helpful information to help us cope with the situation. A grandstanding moron interrupting the experts and substituting his own ignorant bull 5h!t political charade is a total waste of air time.

Yes, I say: because of our majority dislike of Trump, please set aside your lame and phony tirade and allow the Networks to provide their viewers what they want to see, and that sure as HELL is not this ineffectual and incapable president that we presently have standing up and displaying how ignorant he is!

His minority in number supporters can always check out the alternate facts live on the FOX!


I find the White House briefings extremely informative. If you don’t like President Trump, turn the volume down while he is speaking but listen to the rest of the Coronavirus task force. When the briefing is not aired in it’s entirety, you are missing informative and factual information. It seems some news sources just air what they deem news worthy.


hear! hear!

Don't forget OANN though heck, they make Fox appear somewhat sane.

Enough Already

Pleas pay no attention to the comment by the idiot below. He continues to suffer from Trump derangement and Tourette's syndrome. Did I mention he is an idiot? He is an idiot.


Please be advised that trump-turds who don't see "Donny" for what he is, also go through life assuming people are something. They rather believe in fairy tails than facts.


WRONG! They don't have to air this moron. Especially when all he does is name-call and bully the press. F trump! Everything he says is a LIE and total bull!

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