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Le Ecrivain

It is almost impossible for both parents to work. In the event only one works, the employers can terminate them at will and deny any employment benefits after paying them barely enough to subsist on, assuring no savings. Apparently is beyond the capability of government at any level and beyond the capability of any corporation to sit down and go "Why don't work schedules align with school schedules?" I don't know anyone without children who would hate getting off work at 3:30, or even 4:00 or even 5:00.

The problem good sir, is the employers. It is not the school system. Socialism is a RESPONSE to the evil of the capitalists. As a very famous capitalist once said "The communists wouldn't be so successful if capitalists were nicer people."

Enough Already

This is all socialist bulls*t and has gone on for too long!
How is it that people survived before government handouts existed? The taxpayers are now responsible for feeding children year around of parents that don't care enough to put their children first? Why should these parents change their behavior? Kentucky makes it easy to shirk parental responsibilities by filling in the gaps under the guise of: "It's For The Children!" You can get assistance for everything from housing to food, cellphones and internet service.
Young men up to 18 years old can stop by for a free meal? How does that make sense? While the taxpayers are feeding their "children" these same parents do as they please including the purchase of alcohol and tobacco. Where is the accountability or needs testing? THERE IS NONE! If you think otherwise you are fooling yourself. What's worse is these programs are being run by the public school system that raises our property taxes at will! There is no accountability at any level!
This NEWSPAPER is complicit in spreading socialism. Newspapers are dying everyday and it does not help their circulation to promote socialism by government institutions. When was the last time a welfare recipient purchased a subscription to this newspaper?

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